Episodes: Pornography, Addictions & Abuse

Pornography, Addictions & Abuse

Restoring Broken Relationships

Crazy Busy, Day 1

The Villain with 1000 Faces

Restoring the Years

Do You Really Want to Change?

Don't Spoil Your Appetite


Misplaced Worship

When He's Addicted

A Biblical Approach to Food and Beauty

Physical Abuse

Free from the Stranglehold of Sin

When Your Spouse Is Addicted to Pornography

Finding God’s Love

Forgiving When It’s Difficult

Trying to Quench a Thirst

Helping One Another Find Satisfaction in Christ

Set Free from Lies About Food

The Object of Our Obsession

Gender Issues and Sexual Abuse

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 12

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 13

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 14

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 15

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 16

Does Beautiful Equal Thin?

Healing from Life's Hurts, with Nancy Rach

Honest with the Hurt

Desperate for Love

Healing Is Possible

Lies Women Believe About Themselves, Part 5

Appetites and Answers

Are You Preoccupied with Food

Food and Besetting Sin

More Than a Diet

The Thankfulness Diet

When Is it Wrong to Eat?

A Process of Healing

A Safe Place

An Encounter With God

Closing the Door

God's Companionship

Red Beets and Green Linoleum

The House of Meanness

This Is Your Father

Raising Children with a Heart for Purity, Day 1

Small Conversations with Big Results

"Help, Lord!"

A Man's Plea for Modesty

Helping Husbands with Temptation

The Power of Confession

No Place for a Child

Searching for Everything

Battle with “Me”—How to Help a Husband Addicted to Pornography

A Woman's Greatest Loveliness

The Truth and Consequences of Lies Women Believe, Part 5

A Humble Beginning

A Process of Healing

Chaos in the Environment

Daddy, Will You Forgive Me

One of Us Is Gonna Die

Searching for Acceptance


Trying to End It

Transformed Women: Meet Nedelka

Meet Serena Dyksen

How the Truth Can Transform You

Trusting God in the Pain

A Broken View of Fatherhood

Healing from Years of Abuse

Fighting for a Marriage

Meeting at the Foot of the Cross

Who Is the Center of Your World?

When the Secrets Come to Light

Nobody's Immune