Episodes: Marriage


30 Days of Encouraging Your Husband

30 Days of Encouraging Your Husband

The Courage to Be a Woman

Praying Through Football Season

A Husband's Crisis of Faith

An Angry Heart Turns

Crying Out to God for Your Marriage

Do You Intimidate Your Husband?

Restoring Broken Relationships

Within Your Four Walls

A Hurting Couple Learns to Thrive: Amanda’s Story

Gregory and Aileen Story

God's Power for Real Marriages

Two Heads Aren't Better than One

Helping Your Husband Become a Leader

Inviting His Strength

The Courage to Support Your Husband

Love, Honor, and Respect

An Unexpected Blessing

Need Help Lovin’ That Man

An Intervention

Choosing Faithfulness

Friendship in Marriage

Small Decisions

Strength in Surrender

A Long View of Relationships

Are You a Wall or a Door?

Appreciating Your Shepherd

Keeping Secrets in Marriage

Balancing Truth and Grace

Laying a Foundation for a Healthy Marriage

Ten Years of Building Marriages

Ten Years of Proclaiming True Womanhood

Martin and Katie Luther

What About My Passive Husband?

A Marriage That Goes the Distance

A Redeemed Mindset

Creative Wives

Escape Routes

How to Treasure Your Husband

A More Intimate Marriage, Day 1

A More Intimate Marriage, Day 2

Cherishing Your Spouse

Differences Don’t Have to Be Hindrances

Focusing on Your Spouse’s Strengths

Obedience Leads to Joy

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

True Change

True Submission

Encouraging Your Husband to Lead

Loving Your Mate Without Distraction

The Far-Reaching Effects of Your Marriage

A Faith Choice

I Can't Live Like This Any More

Learning to Love Your Husband Again

Trying to Fill the Emptiness

Loving Our Husbands

What True Love Looks Like

Intentional About Marriage

For the Long Haul

Making Choices to Persevere

Physical Abuse

Physical Intimacy

Staying Committed to an Unbeliever

When the Spotlight Is Off

Delighting in Marriage

The Eyes and the Minds of Men

Understanding His Needs

What Do Men Need?

Words He Can Hear

Flooded With Forgiveness

Love First. Feelings Will Follow.

The Value of Boundaries

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 22

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 24

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 41

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 42

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 43

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 47

How Your Marriage Can Thrive

Small Habits That Could Transform Your Marriage

Brokenness in Marriage

How Bitterness Can Lead to Impurity

Is Love More Than Feelings?

Seeing Your Husband for the First Time

Song of Solomon, Day 18

Song of Solomon, Day 19

Song of Solomon, Day 21

Can Love Ever Fail?

Love for Hopeless Marriages

A Powerful Phrase

Free to Enjoy Intimacy in Marriage

Made for Intimacy

The Purpose for Intimacy in Marriage

Keeping Your Marriage Vows, Day 1

Keeping Your Marriage Vows, Day 2

To Love, Honor, and Respect

Letters to My Daughters, Day 1

Letters to My Daughters, Day 2

Letters to My Daughters, Day 3

Letters to My Daughters, Day 4

Letters to My Daughters, Day 5

Check Your Speed Limit

When He Is Passive

The Courage to Love Well

The Highest Aspiration

An Early Investment in Marriage

Facing the Empty Nest as a Couple

Like the Shepherd, Day 1

Like the Shepherd, Day 2

Like the Shepherd, Day 3

Like the Shepherd, Day 4

Like the Shepherd, Day 5

A Spirit-Controlled Marriage

The Crazy Cycle

The Energizing Cycle

When He Won't Respond

Building Your Marriage on Solid Ground

Investing in Your Family's Future

Retirement is Overrated

Becoming a Couple That Prays Together

Is Your Marriage Displaying the Gospel?

A Sweet, Permanent Complication

Living as Mrs. Grace

Loving the Way God Loves You

A Balanced Look at Roles

Marriage and the Trinity

Encouraging Men to be Men

Getting to the Cross in Marriage

The Important Purpose of Your Marriage

Monthly Partner Favorites, Day 1

More Practical Counsel for True Women

Nancy’s Life with Robert

A Glimmer of Hope

Practical Counsel for True Women

Mother and Wife: Dueling Roles

Helping Husbands with Temptation

Applying What We Already Know

Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Acceptance

Giving Up Control

Initiating Forgiveness

Inviting Christ to the Wedding

Listener Letters

Rising Above Difficult Relationships, Part 1

Rising Above Difficult Relationships, Part 2

Rising Above Difficult Relationships, Part 3

A Blessed Ceremony

A Request

Restoring Intimacy

Small Choices, Big Results

The Divine Fingerprint

Learning to Live Without Fear

What Submission Means

A Hurting Heart Turns

How Could You Welcome Him Back?

Investing in the Wrong Relationship

The Faith to Forgive

The Power to Face Temptation

A Praiseworthy Wife

Committed to Marriage

Cheering on Your Husband

Honest and Respectful

The Most Important Place on Earth, Day 2

Forgiveness in Marriage

Investing in Your Marriage

Speaking His Language

Affirm and Support

Encouraging Men to Step up to the Plate

Practical Questions on Submission

Relationships Teach Submission to God

A God-Sized Picture of Marriage

Confident, Strong, and Submissive

What Does Your Marriage Communicate

What Submission Does and Does Not Mean

When I'm Perfect, Then I'll Nag

Why Jesus Modeled Humility

The Way to Make Men Feel Respected

A Commitment to Permanence

Honoring the Covenant of Marriage

How to Follow When He Won't Lead

Superglue in Your Marriage

The Walls Began to Fall

Hitting Rock Bottom

Marriage Lessons from the Book of Job


I Checked the Box


Seek the Lord First

The Transformation

Ginger and Amy Interview

The Pit Bull Family

A Transformed Marriage

The Benefits of Forgiveness

The Consequence of Lies

Healing from Hurt in Relationships

True Women Offer Practical Counsel

Trusting God to Work Through Your Husband

Unexpected Grace, Day 3

Unexpected Grace, Day 4

Unexpected Grace, Day 5

Fighting for a Marriage

Meeting at the Foot of the Cross

Who Is the Center of Your World?

Help Your Husband Say No to Temptation

The Creation Story Ends in a Wedding

Your Husband and the Cheerleader

When Marriages Hurt

An Obnoxious Christian Wife

He's Still a Guy

A Way of Escape

Dangerous Choices

Nobody's Immune


The Accountability Partner

Turning to Honesty

How Two Imperfect People Resolve Conflict

The Great Handoff

The Great Handoff

What Every Husband Needs

What Every Wife Needs

Where We Come From

Your Marriage: The Gospel on Display, Day 1

Your Marriage: The Gospel on Display, Day 2

Your Marriage: The Gospel on Display, Day 3

Your Marriage: The Gospel on Display, Day 4