Episodes: Church


Cheering on the Church

Embracing Brokenness

Encouraging Your Pastor

God Will Use This in Some Way

The Value of the Word

Biblical Roles in the Church

A Desperate Need

What Would Revival Look Like?

Encouragement from a Pastor’s Perspective

How to Encourage Your Pastor

Getting Along

Holding Him Up

Honoring Spiritual Leaders

Is it Ever Okay to Leave?

No Comparison

Pulled in Every Direction

Responding to Failure

Right Expectations

They Need Your Prayers

Under a Microscope

God Uses Mature Men and Women in Your Life

Mature Women and Godly, Manly Elders

God Will Speak

How To Respond to a Sermon

How to Listen to the Word of God

Pastors Talk About Church

The Listener's Role

Keeping God's Word at the Center

Revelation Part 1, Day 1

Revelation Part 1, Day 2

Revelation Part 1, Day 3

Revelation Part 1, Day 4

Revelation Part 1, Day 5

Revelation Part 1, Day 6

The Unveiling

Returning to Your First Love

Revelation Part 2, Day 1

Revelation Part 2, Day 2

Revelation Part 2, Day 3

Revelation Part 2, Day 4

Revelation Part 2, Day 5

Faith Produces Faithfulness

Jesus Knows Your Suffering

Meeting God in the Middle of Suffering

Purposeful Suffering

Revelation Part 3, Day 3

Spiritually Rich

The Crown of Life

Decent People with a Dying Witness

Hope for a Dead Church

Joining a Multitude of Believers

Remember What You Received

The Good Works of a Dead Church

Coming Back Soon

Entering by the True Door

Expecting Christ's Return

He Holds the Keys

Hope for the Powerless

Hope that Leads to Holiness

No Trial Lasts Forever

Practical Hope

Strength for the Weak

A Promise Has Been Made to You

Are You Living Like an Overcomer?

Firstborn from the Dead

Firstborn from the Dead

How to Maintain a Fervent Heart

Is It Loving to Call Someone to Repentance?

Neither Hot Nor Cold

No White Garments

The Call to a Bankrupt Church

What It Means to Truly Conquer

Why You Could Sit on Christ's Throne

A Gentle Dogmatism

A Mystery Guest at Your Church

How to Keep from Growing Weary

Belief and Behavior

God Knows Where You Live

Keeping Your Covenant

The Love of a Jealous God

The Love of a Jealous God

The Reward for Faithfulness

Always a Remnant

Culture, Career, and Compromise

Hope in the Coming King

No New Heresies

Raising Discerning Children

The Judgment of a Just God

The Only True Son of God

Generosity in the Desert

Oh Come! Worship & Warning in Psalm 95, Day 2

What Relevance Really Means

God's Deep Mercy

Holiness in the Church

The Family of God

Women in the Church

Psalm 126, Day 2

Feminism and Roles

Women in the Church

Older Women Teaching Younger Women

Holiness: Boring or Beautiful?

Set Apart

Does the Bible Belittle Women?

Everyone Submits to Someone

Men and Women in the Church

Practical Questions on Submission

A Body, a Building, a Family, and a Bride

We Are One in Christ

Preparing the Church

An Organism

Body, Family, Building, Bride

Gloriously Important

One Another

Plugging In