Episodes: Christian Growth

Christian Growth

God’s Power on Display

Obeying God’s Call

Remembering a Mother's Songs

The Value of Singing as Family

God Will Use This in Some Way

Discovering a Proven Growth Process

How to Develop Godliness and Brotherly Love

New Power for a New Year

The Power You Need for Growth

You Have a Fresh Start

An End to the Waiting

'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Be Still, My Soul

Come Thou Fount

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Like a River Glorious

Take My Life, and Let It Be Consecrated

There Is a Fountain

Restoring Your Vertical Relationship

Daily Devotions: Duty or Delight?, Part 8

A Servant's Reward

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving, Day 1

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving, Day 2

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving, Day 3

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving, Day 4

Facing a Task Unfinished, with Keith and Kristyn Getty

A Happy Surrender

Building Your Life on God's Word

It's Not Your Life

Means of Grace

Fasting and Feasting

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 3

God’s Beautiful Design for Women, Day 4

Blessed Be The Name

Leaping Over High Places

Living By Faith

Revive Your Work

Sing With Me

Choosing Worship Over Whining

He Raises the Poor from the Dust

What “Hallelujah” Means

Why Idolatry Is Ridiculous

The Wedding Dress

Hymns For Easter: Come Thou Fount

Hymns for Easter: There Is a Fountain

A Rich Tradition of Worship

Preparing for Worship

Leaving Self Behind, Part 5

Don't Fight the Battle Alone

God Comes First

Promoting Peace

Mark of the Covenant

Mark of the Covenant

Preserving a Memory

Set Apart to God

You Have a Story

Free from Lies in Your Past

Pursuing a Bride

A Heart for Worship

What You Receive from Giving

Mary Was a Humble Woman

Mrs. Bright on Trusting God's Goodness

Living in God’s House

The Never-Ending Wonder

Jesus Is a Worship Leader

Worship As a Christmas Tradition

Repairing a Slow Leak

Returning to Your Love

God-Centered Worship

Sharing Your Faith Experience

Singing with a Whole Heart

Why Should You Sing?

The Personal Devotional Life: “Seeking Him” Daily

The Secret to a Meaningful Life

Praise Is Not a Feeling

A Teenager’s Radical Forgiveness

Grow Up and Step Up

He Restores

The Ministry of Angels, Day 1

The Ministry of Angels, Day 2

The Power and Beauty of the Truth

A Posture of Praise

A Prepared Heart

Dress Rehearsal for Heaven

It is a Good Thing

Praise Precedes Deliverance

Praise Precedes Deliverance

Praise is Not a Spectator Sport

Praising Through Tears

Walk the Talk

Ready for Scrutiny

Giving Back to a Generous God

The Joy of Giving

Treasure in Heaven

A Humble Beginning

Lady Wisdom's Invitation

True Wisdom

Where to Find Wisdom

Wisdom Illustrated

Wisdom and Obedience

Worth More Than Jewels

Searching for Love in the Darkness

God Loves You Better Than You Love Yourself

The Gospel and Our Longings

How You Can Truly Please God

You Can Walk with God

Giving to God First

Wisdom for Daily Life with Mark DeMoss, Day 2

Zechariah’s Hymn, Day 1