Episodes: S


Sacred Motherhood

Sacred Motherhood

Sacrificing to Spread the Gospel



Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 1

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 10

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 2

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 3

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 4

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 5

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 6

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 7

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 8

Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 9

Saturating Your Heart in God’s Word


Saying No to Fear and His Buddies

Saying No to the Counsel of the Ungodly

Scenes from the True Woman Movement

Scripture Memory as a Way of Life with Veronica Copenhaver

Searching for Acceptance

Searching for Everything

Searching for Love in the Darkness

Seasonal Obsessive Disorder

Secure on the Ark

Secure on the Ark

Seeing Your Husband for the First Time

Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

Seek the Lord First

Seeking God for Revival

Seeking God's Direction

Seeking Him for Revival


Servant of the Lord

Service and the Kingdom of God

Set Apart

Set Apart to God

Set Free from Lies About Food

Set-Apart Femininity

Set-Apart Femininity, with Leslie Ludy

Setting Your Eyes Toward Home

Setting a Tone

Seven Secrets for Singles

Seven Snapshots

Sexual Discipleship

Sexual Purity

Share What Jesus Is Doing in Your Life

Sharing Your Faith Experience

Sharing a Passion for the Beauty of the Gospel

Sharing in Suffering

Sharing the Stories That Truly Matter

Shooting the Arrows


Showing God to the World

Showing Kids Why Easter Matters

Showing Others the Truth

Showing Others the Truth

Signing the Contract

Sing With Me

Singing with a Whole Heart

Single and Feminine

Singleness & Hospitality

Singleness and Unselfishness

Singleness: Burden or Blessing, Part 4

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 1

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 2

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 3

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 5

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 6

Singleness: Burden or Blessing?, Part 7

Singles and Beauty

Singles and Children

Singles and Finances

Singles and Loneliness

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Six Powerful Verses

Small Choices, Big Results

Small Conversations with Big Results

Small Decisions

Small Habits That Could Transform Your Marriage

Small Holes Sink Big Ships

Smiling at the Future

Someone Will Die for Your Sin

Song of Solomon, Day 1

Song of Solomon, Day 10

Song of Solomon, Day 11

Song of Solomon, Day 12

Song of Solomon, Day 13

Song of Solomon, Day 14

Song of Solomon, Day 15

Song of Solomon, Day 16

Song of Solomon, Day 17

Song of Solomon, Day 18

Song of Solomon, Day 19

Song of Solomon, Day 2

Song of Solomon, Day 20

Song of Solomon, Day 21

Song of Solomon, Day 22

Song of Solomon, Day 23

Song of Solomon, Day 24

Song of Solomon, Day 25

Song of Solomon, Day 3

Song of Solomon, Day 4

Song of Solomon, Day 5

Song of Solomon, Day 6

Song of Solomon, Day 7

Song of Solomon, Day 8

Song of Solomon, Day 9

Sorrow Mixed with Light

Sowing Seeds Early in Life

Sowing Seeds in Your Child's Life

Sowing and Reaping

Speaking His Language

Speaking Out So Others Can Heal

Speaking Up for Life

Speaking the Truth in Love

Spiritual Amnesia

Spiritual Goals

Spiritually Rich

Squeezed by Life's Pressures

Squeezed by Suffering

Squeezing the Lemon

Stand Your Ground

Standing Firm in a Changing World

Standing for the Unborn

Standing in the Gap for a Child

Stark Contrast

Start Your Day with God

Starting the Journey

Starting the Race Well

Starting the Race Well

Staying Committed to an Unbeliever

Stepping Off the Treadmill

Stepping in to Your Child's World

Stewardship of Your Fertility

Storms: A Means to Glorify God

Straight Talk to Teens

Strength for Real Change

Strength for the Weak

Strength in Surrender

Strengthened Through Singing

Submission Impossible?

Submitting to God's Reign

Such a Time as This

Suffering Is Not for Nothing

Superglue in Your Marriage

Supporting Godly Masculinity

Surprised in the Desert

Surrendered to God’s Call

Surrendered to the Beautiful Truth

Surrendering My Feelings

Surrendering My Timetable

Surrendering Our Future

Surrendering Touch

Surrendering Unfulfilled Longings

Surrendering Your Children to God’s Call

Surviving the Desert

Swimming in the Deepest, Darkest Waters