Episodes: P


Pain That Points to a Glorious Future

Parenting Adult Children

Parenting Under Providence

Parenting in a Turbulent World

Parenting in the Real World

Parenting with the Father Heart of God

Parents Now, Friends Later

Partial Disclosure

Passing Your Experience to the Next Generation

Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton

Passing the Baton

Passionate About Purity

Pastors Talk About Church

Peace About the Future

Peace About the Future

Peace Comes in Knowing Who God Is

Peace: A Benediction

Peaceful and Prepared

People of the Book


Persevering Through the Storm

Persistence in Crying Out

Perspective for a New Year

Perspective on Suffering

Philosophies in Conflict

Physical Abuse

Physical Intimacy

Picture Your Home

Pitchin’ a Fit, Day 1

Pitchin’ a Fit, Day 2

Pitchin’ a Fit, Day 3

Pitchin’ a Fit, Day 4

Plans to Give You Hope and a Future

Planting Seeds in a Child's Heart

Planting Your Life in God's Word

Plugging In

Pointing a Finger Inward

Portrait of an Effective Servant, Day 1

Portrait of an Effective Servant, Day 2

Portrait of an Effective Servant, Day 3

Potential Pitfalls of Servanthood

Power for Change

Powerful Connections

Practical Counsel for True Women

Practical Hope

Practical Insights for Today

Practical Questions on Submission

Practical Steps to Purity

Praise Is Not a Feeling

Praise Precedes Deliverance

Praise Precedes Deliverance

Praise for What He Has Done

Praise for Who He Is

Praise is Not a Spectator Sport

Praising Through Tears

Pray or Fall Prey

Prayer for Our Nation

Prayer for Our Nation

Prayer for the Battle

Prayerful Reading

Praying Through Football Season

Praying for Obedience

Praying for Obedience

Praying for Revival

Praying for Revival in Latin America

Praying for a Clear Conscience

Praying for a Prodigal

Praying for a Rebellious Child

Prepared for Thankfulness

Prepared for a Crisis

Prepared for a Crisis

Prepared for the Battle

Prepared for the Meltdown

Prepared for the Storm

Prepared for the Unexpected

Preparing Ourselves

Preparing Young Women for the Future

Preparing for Brokenness

Preparing for Worship

Preparing for the Most Important Guest

Preparing the Church

Preserving a Memory

Press Delete

Pressing on for Life

Prince of Peace

Promises You Can Count On

Promoting Peace

Prone to Wander

Protect Your Relationships

Protecting Children from False Teaching

Protecting Our Brothers

Protecting Your Mind

Psalm 126, Day 1

Psalm 126, Day 10

Psalm 126, Day 2

Psalm 126, Day 3

Psalm 126, Day 4

Psalm 126, Day 5

Psalm 126, Day 6

Psalm 126, Day 7

Psalm 126, Day 8

Psalm 126, Day 9

Pulled in Every Direction



Purity and Direction

Purposeful Discernment

Purposeful Discernment

Purposeful Suffering

Pursuing a Bride

Put a Guard on My Mouth