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Resolved to be Kind

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Our New Year’s resolutions usually fall into different kinds of categories.

“Drink less coffee.”

“I would like to start eating better and exercising and be healthy.”

“Not getting angry so often and probably just being able to be more organized.”

Nancy: Have you ever thought about making a resolution to be patient? Jonathan Edwards did.

Jonathan Edwards: When I’m most conscious of provocations to ill-nature and anger, I will strive to feel and act good-naturedly.

Nancy: What he’s saying is: “When I’m provoked or in a bad mood, I’m going to work at being kind.” Edward’s resolution shows that we don’t have to be controlled by how we feel. Our words and actions can be disciplined, regardless of what our emotions may be telling us.

This coming year, one of the best things we could resolve is to follow the advice found in God’s Word: “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

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