Future Series

These are the upcoming series - stay tuned!

The True Woman Manifesto: Declarations, Part 1

Making a declaration can be a very powerful act. For instance, consider the founding fathers who declared their independence and founded a new nation. Nancy leads you to examine a different kind of declaration. Hear about truths from the Bible you can confidently declare, making a powerful statement in your home, your church and your world.

God's Design for Women by Alistair Begg

It's popular to think of gender as "fluid" and downplay any differences between men and women. Pastor Alistair Begg will open the Bible to show you the amazing, beautiful design God displayed when He created male and female. Get solid biblical teaching on manhood and womanhood you can stand on in the swirl of confusing opinions about gender.

Biblical Help for Today's Parents, with Bill & Holly Elliff

Most parents enter their role feeling inadequate. We all need help and godly wisdom to know how to train the next generation. Bill and Holly Elliff have been down the road and are able to offer biblical insight and practical help.

The True Woman Manifesto: Declarations, Part 2

What can you declare to the world with confidence? Nancy helps you think through core declarations. Gain a firm understanding of the church, marriage, children, mentors, and other topics.

Teaching the Gospel to Children by Barbara Reaoch

One of the pitfalls when we’re trying to pass on biblical truth to children is to reduce the message to simplistic rules. It’s easy to tell kids, “Be good like this biblical character, and don’t be bad like this biblical character.” But that really misses the heart of the gospel that says we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Barbara Reaoch will show you how to pass the gospel on to the next generation.

Unfulfilled Longings by Janet Aucoin

"All my desires have to be met right now." Are you ever tempted to feel that way? Janet Aucoin will help point us away from immediate gratification and learn to lose our desires in God Himself. She'll encourage you to set aside today's desires when they're in conflict with eternity.

Storying with Bobbi and Carrie

Coming soon.