Future Series

These are the upcoming series - stay tuned!

A Heart for the Nations

You weren’t created for yourself! You weren’t created so that you could go and grab all you could get for yourself. You were created for the glory of God! A missionary working in Asia will challenge you to think through why God put you on this earth.

Dealing with Discouragement

Discouragement is one of the most common and powerful weapons the enemy uses in our lives. In this series from 1 Samuel 30, Nancy looks at a time of great discouragement in David's life and gives encouraging insights on how to face tough times.

For Better or for Worse with Jimmy and Kelly Needham

Audiences love listening to Jimmy Needham sing as he travels across the country. But being a musical artist isn’t his most important role. Find out what it’s like to be at home facing the real life ups and downs of marriage and parenting when the spotlight is off.