Future Series

These are the upcoming series - stay tuned!

The Gospel Comes with a House Key with Rosaria Butterfield

Did you know that your dinner table can be a means of fulfilling the great commission? Hear how hospitality can play a major role in evangelism as Nancy talks with guest Rosaria Butterfield.

Engaging the Crowd

Do you ever feel like everybody needs something from you? That others crowd around needing your time or attention? If so, you’re in good company. Jesus knew what that was like.

Prepared to Carry On

If you or your spouse were to pass away suddenly, do you have a financial plan set in place? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is joined by financial experts to talk about how to be a wise steward of your finances and prepare for the unexpected.

40 Years of God's Faithfulness

How was the Lord working in your life 40 years ago? Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and appreciate God’s faithfulness in the past to remind yourself the hope you have for the future. Nancy does that while celebrating 40 years of serving the Lord in full-time ministry.

God's Faithfulness for Your Final Seasons

As you get older do you feel discouraged, like you have less and less to offer to the Lord? As she nears her 60th birthday, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth will look at Psalm 71 and show you how to lean on the Lord in your later seasons of life.

Celebrating Forty Years of God's Goodness

This week Revive Our Hearts is celebrating a milestone. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has had the opportunity to serve the Lord for forty years in full time ministry. Explore some of the main themes that she’s explored in her teaching over the years.