Future Series

These are the upcoming series - stay tuned!

Singing the Lord's Songs in a Foreign Land (Psalm 137)

Psalm 137 has been called “perhaps the most troubling of all the psalms in the Psalter.” It’s difficult to read and difficult to understand. But Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says even though it’s challenging, it’s valuable for us to study. 

Q&A About Same-Sex Attraction and Gender, with Mary Kassian and Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry grew up giving in to same-sex attraction until the Lord changed her heart as a young adult. So she has some real-life experience to share about current debates over same-sex attraction and gender. Hear the timely discussion with Jackie Hill Perry and Mary Kassian.

Remember Lot’s Wife

One of the shortest verses in the Bible says, “Remember Lot’s wife.” But what exactly are we supposed to remember? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth will help you get to know this somewhat mysterious biblical character so you can remember her and the important truths we can learn from her life.