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Why Be Thankful?

Dannah Gresh: What are you most thankful for?

Woman 1: Oh, my family, my health.

Woman 2: The best husband in the world and a wonderful family and a cute little house.

Woman 3: I’m thankful for my husband. He’s taking care of my children all weekend while I get away with the girls.

Woman 4: I’m thankful that the Lord saved my soul, and I’m thankful for the air I breathe and the sun that shines every day.

Woman 5: I’m thankful for my son because he’s a joy to me, and especially when we play music together.

Woman 6: I’m thankful for my salvation, very much so. It’s new life from the one I had before, which was definitely disappointing.

Dannah: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author of Choosing Gratitude, for Friday, March 6, 2020. I'm Dannah Gresh.

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