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When the Season Isn’t What You Expected

Leslie Basham: Author Carolyn McCulley grew up loving her family’s holiday traditions.

Carolyn McCulley: For me, Christmas was always one of the big moments! You have all your special candles burning, you have all your special lights, and the food . . .

Leslie: And she imagined passing those traditions on to her own family someday.

Carolyn: I thought I would have my own husband, my own children, and those moments of, “Oooh! Look at what Mommy gave me!” 

Leslie: But in her thirties, Carolyn was struck by how different reality had become. 

Carolyn: My Christmas mornings weren’t what I pictured.  

Leslie: As a single woman, she struggled through Christmas mornings alone. 

Carolyn: I remember the difficulty of lining up my expectations with what God was actually doing, and thinking, This isn’t good, God. How did You allow this to happen? And it took a couple …

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