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Satisfying Our Thirst, Part 3

Leslie Basham: Each of us has areas of hurt and embarrassment in our lives. We all need to take those issues to God. It's Wednesday, July 10. This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss.

We can hide uncomfortable details about our lives from others, but we can't hide them from God. Those details are exactly what God wants to talk with us about--to lead us to confession, to brokenness and healing.

Today we'll hear about a woman who went through that process during her encounter with Jesus. Here's Nancy.

Nancy DeMoss: Is there any area of your life that if I were to ask you to tell me about that area, you might find yourself getting a little uncomfortable? I see some smiles. Obviously there are some areas like that in all of our lives. We're looking this week at the woman of Samaria, the woman at the well in John, chapter 4. Jesus has offered her this incredible gift of eternal life; and she has said to him, as we heard yesterday, "Sir, give me this water. I want this living water so that I won't have to keep coming back to this well to draw water."

Then in verse 16, we read yesterday that Jesus says to her, "Go call your husband and come back." Rather than just saying to her, "Here is the living water, you can have it," He says, "Wait a minute. First of all, we need to talk truth. We need to go into some areas of your life that you're not eager to talk about. Those shameful, hidden areas," Jesus is saying.

This is a total stranger, as far as she knows, speaking to this woman. And He says, "We need to bring out into the open some things about your life that maybe you're not real comfortable talking about." What if I said to you, "Tell me about your parents. Tell me about your relationship with your dad when you were growing up." Now for some of you, that would be a comfortable conversation. But is there someone here that's, I see a head shaking here, that might not be an area that you'd be real comfortable talking about?

What if I said, "Tell me about your marriage. Tell me about your ex-husband and your marriage to him. Tell me about your children. How are they doing?" Some of you have delightful children. Some of you are crying yourself to sleep at night over a rebellious son or daughter. It might not be something you'd be comfortable talking about.

Jesus says to the woman, "Go call your husband." In her life, this was the hardest thing He could've brought up. I mean, let's talk about anything, Jesus, but not my marriage. Well, marriages...Jesus knows exactly which area in your life and mine we'd just as soon leave shut off. And He says, "That's the one I want to talk about. That's the one I want to deal with. That's the one we need to bring out into the light."

You see, Jesus wanted the truth. And as this passage goes on Jesus is going to tell us that God is looking for worshippers, but they have to worship him in spirit and in truth. If we're going to have this living water, we've got to walk in truth. The fact is, God knows it all anyway. But we're still uncomfortable at bringing the truth out into the light.

Jesus wanted to know the truth about this woman, who she was. He wanted to know about her past, He wanted to know about her present. Not that He didn't know, but He wanted her to tell the truth about these areas. I was in a group not too long ago of women who were asked to introduce themselves by going around the room and the question was, "Tell us something about yourself that no one else in this group knows." Now in that case, it wasn't real hard because we didn't really know each other. But I'll tell you one thing, as we went around that circle and told something about ourselves that no one else knew, none of us told something that we were ashamed of. We picked out things that we felt were safe.

But Jesus is saying in this little one-on-one conversation with this woman, "I want to know all about you." He wanted to know about the things of which she was ashamed. He wanted to know about her need. He wanted to know about the sinful ways she had been trying to meet her needs.

Now in verse 17, she kind of tells Jesus the truth. Jesus says, "Go call your husband and come back." And she says, "I have no husband." Well that was true, but it wasn't the whole truth. I think she's just telling Jesus enough to be safe. I'll just give Him a little bit of information, but I don't want to tell Him the whole thing. And Jesus wouldn't have it that way. He wanted the whole truth. He wanted to know it all--not just this guarded sort of way that we tell Him or others the truth about ourselves. He wanted her to come just as she was.

So Jesus says to this woman when she says, "I have no husband," Jesus says, "You're right when you say you have no husband." Now picture yourself as this woman. The problem is again we know the story too well. Picture yourself in this woman's sandals and she, this is a total stranger who's come up to her, He's started this conversation. It's already remarkable because she's a Samaritan woman and He's speaking to her as a Jewish male, but then this man she's never seen in her life says to her, "You're right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you've had five husbands and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true."

Can you imagine how undone that woman must have felt? How undone would you feel? How undone would I feel if Jesus were to project on a screen in this room all the things about my past, about your past, that we've never told a soul. Jesus is saying, "You want living water? First, you've got to get honest about your need. You've got to get honest about the truth that you've tried to keep hidden." He knows the truth about you as surely as He knew the whole truth about that woman. He knows the truth about what others have done to you.

A woman shared with me last night about how when she was a little girl her father had molested her. Jesus knows what's been done to you. For years this woman never shared that with anyone until just very recently now in her late forties. But Jesus has known all along. He knows about the abuse. He knows about the rejection. He knows about the husband who abandoned you and left you with those small children. He knows about that son or daughter who's living in a homosexual lifestyle or blowing his mind on drugs. Things that you're ashamed to say to anyone, Jesus knows.

He knows not only what's been done to you, He knows what you have done. He knows about the multiple marriages. He knows about the broken vows, the broken covenants. He knows about the immoral relationships, the ones before you were married. He knows about the one that you're playing with right now. He knows about that exchange going on over e-mail or over the Internet or with that man at work who's become a confidant, that counselor, that person you're opening up parts of your heart to that don't belong to that man.

He knows. He knows that perhaps there's a woman in this room who's actually thinking about leaving your husband, and you haven't told a soul. But you're hurt, you're wounded, you're desperate. He knows what you're facing.

He knows, well maybe this isn't true in this room, He knows there may be someone in this room who actually yells at your kids. Or maybe more than one someone. And you think,Just in the four walls of my home, I get so angry. He knows. He knows the whole truth. He knows there are some who've gone further than that. And further than harming your children with words, He knows that there are times when in your anger you've disciplined your children in a way that was abusive or harmful. He knows.

He knows about the addictions to mood elevators to sleeping pills, tranquilizers. He knows about the addictions to television, to food. He knows about the eating disorders. He knows about that immoral habit that you can't control. He knows. He sees it. He knows. He knows about your fears. He knows about that abortion. He knows about the abortions. He knows.

And He's waiting for us to get honest. He's waiting for you to get honest. You say to Him, "Jesus, I need living water. I need this water that, if you give it to me, I'll never thirst again. I want the gift of God. I want what You have to offer to me." And Jesus says, "Go call your husband. Bring the truth out into the light. I know that you've had five husbands. I know that the one you're living with now is not even your husband. I know," Jesus says. Jesus says, "Get honest if you want the living water."

Let's talk truth because God is looking for worshippers--those who would be open and transparent and honest and broken and humble before Him--those who are willing to bring all the truth out into the light. If there's some truth, some area of truth in your life that you've never really brought out into His I'm not saying that you need to tell all of us in this room about all that truth, but have you ever brought it out into the light in your relationship with the Lord? And said, "Lord, it's not just what's been done to me, it's what I've done. I'm not just a victim of my past circumstances, I'm actually a sinner in the way that I've responded to the circumstances of my life. There are hidden things. There are shameful things.

And I'm willing to get honest with You, to worship You in spirit and in truth." When you do, you will have taken a huge step towards receiving that living water that Jesus says wants to become within you a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

Leslie Basham: Nancy DeMoss will be right back to lead us in prayer.

As we've heard today, Jesus wanted to talk truth with the woman at the well. He wanted to delve into some areas that she hadn't surrendered to the lordship of Christ. Nancy's written a couple of books that we think will do the same in your life. The first is called Lies Women Believe and the second is a new companion workbook called Walking in the Truth. If you already have Nancy's book Lies Women Believe, we hope you'll get the workbook and embark on this study of God's truth. It's available for a suggested donation of $13; and for more information, just give us a call at 1-800-569-5959.

We also hope you'll consider helping us reach women with the truth. We can only come to you by means of radio through the support of our listeners. And if you've never made a contribution, would you consider sending a gift to Revive Our Hearts. And we'd love it if you'd include a note telling us how Revive Our Hearts has worked in your life.

Now you may sing songs in church, but is that really worship? Tomorrow we'll hear more about what Jesus has to say about worshipping in truth. Now, here's Nancy to close our time in prayer.

Nancy DeMoss: Oh Father, would You help us to get really honest with You? To tell you the truth. Thank You that You know the truth even before You ask about it. You knew the truth about that woman before You asked her to go get her husband. But You gave her a chance to speak the truth. And thank You that even though You know all the truth about us, where we've been, what we've done, You still engage us and offer us that incredible gift of the water of life. Thank You for love, Your love. Thank You for Your incredible mercy and grace. And may we this day come into the light and say, "Here's the truth, Lord, I worship You in spirit and in truth." I pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

Leslie Basham:

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