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Ministering to the Five Senses

Leslie Basham: Devi Titus spoke about hospitality at Revive Our Hearts' True Woman Conference. Hospitality made a big impact on her family.

Devi Titus: I asked my son, now Dr. Aaron, a physicist who teaches way beyond his age, across America in his field of study. I was preparing a lesson, and I called him and said, "Aaron, growing up in our home, what would be one significant thing that you can think of that we did routinely as a family that made an impact on your character, on your life, on your choices, on your spirituality?

I had an answer that I was hoping that he would say, because it would fit really good in my outline, but he didn't say it. He said quickly, "Oh, that's easy, Mom."

I said, "It is?" I just knew he was going to say how we did our holidays. They were …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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