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Laura Booz: I’m telling you, not a single day goes by that I don’t need to rely on a perspective I gained in the fourth grade play. 

I suppose it all started when my music teacher, Mrs. Whittmer, hosted a casting call for Escape from Egypt, a rollicking musical in which a Sunday school teacher makes the Exodus story from the Bible come alive for her students. 

Mrs. Whittmer was looking for a convincing Moses, a confident Aaron, a show-stopping Miriam, and a dozen Israelites and Sunday school children. I couldn’t wait to try out. 

But then, alas, auditions were scheduled for the same week I’d be on vacation. I couldn’t believe the tragic timing. 

I left a note on Mrs. Whittmer’s desk. It said something to the effect of: 

Dear Mrs. Whittmer,

Although I’m excited about my family vacation, I am terribly sad about missing auditions. Would you please …

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