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Laura Booz: On my first day as a client advocate at the pregnancy resource clinic, I opened the large training manual and saw an image that seared itself into my memory forever. 

It was a timeline that combined a baby’s development in utero with the mother’s progression through pregnancy. A single horizontal line stretched across the page. The baby’s developmental markers were recorded below the line, while the mother’s were recorded above the line. 

The timeline started with ovulation and intercourse, and then the baby’s timeline took off. Full of events! Fertilization, blastocyst development, implantation, musculoskeletal somitogenesis, then the three main divisions of the brain. Then the pairing of the heart tubes, followed by the development of the spinal cord and the development of the brain and the face. Then the heart began to beat, then the thyroid began to thicken, and the optic ventricle began to appear. 

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