Expect Something Beautiful with Laura Booz Podcast

An Enemy in the Corn Patch

Laura Booz: The first summer we planted sweet corn, we didn’t know what we were in for. We plowed out a square plot of rich soil and planted the kernels in rows and columns. We were faithful to water that patch and let the sun shine on it. And wouldn’t you know that by the fourth of July, that corn was knee high. The leaves were green and lush, and they continued to grow day after day. In time we could see the little ears of corn starting to develop. They started small, and then they’d get bigger and bigger.

Someone had told us to walk through the patch and gently shake the stalks to aid in the cross pollination, and you better believe we did it. We started to daydream about our late summer picnic where we’d be sitting on our porch eating a cheeseburger fresh off the grill; …

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