True Woman '22 Preconference

Over the last several decades, the sexual revolution has struck the world like a tidal wave. We’ve seen the enemy tear apart traditional definitions of gender and sexuality with bold deception. But we’ve also seen the rise of the True Woman movement, a call to women worldwide to embrace God’s design and to reflect the beauty and heart of Christ.

Do you want to discover how to live out and share God’s good plan for gender and sexuality? Make plans to attend a special preconference event featuring Dr. Juli Slattery, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield (via video), Laura Perry, Mary Kassian, and Dannah Gresh. You will learn how to hold steadfast to truth when cultural trends ebb and flow, and you’ll explore how to apply God-honoring perspective in an age of confusion. The True Woman movement is marching on. Will you be a part of it?