We Still Say “Yes, Lord!”

Most of us remember the moment we learned that a coordinated terrorist attack had occurred on American soil. September 11, 2001, became a date seared into our collective consciousness, a devastating reminder that evil is real and darkness is deadly. In the days that followed, reporters interviewed the first responders who ran into the World Trade Center’s twin towers as they burned. each one repeated the same mantra:

“I was just doIng my job.”

Revive Our Hearts had been on the air just eight days when our nation experienced the terrorist attacks of 9/11. In God’s providence, Nancy was in the middle of teaching a series titled “Finding God in the Desert.”As the world wrestled with deep grief, anger, and fear, Revive Our Hearts broadcast a message that has been a cornerstone of Nancy’s teaching for more than twenty years—surrender. Nancy said:

You see, naturally, we don’t rely on God. Naturally, we rely on ourselves or we rely on others. and as long as we have resources to meet our needs, we won’t tend to rely on God. So God, who wants us to totally trust in Him, will sometimes strip us of the things we think we most need and lead us to where we are utterly, absolutely dependent upon Him.

September 3, 2021, marks the twentieth anniversary of Revive Our Hearts. In the past two decades our methods may have evolved from a single daily audio broadcast to podcasts, blogs, print resources, conferences, and more, but our mission has remained the same.

We still exist to call women to surrender their whole lives to Christ, knowing that’s the only way to find true freedom and to experience the fullness and fruitfulness that comes with living for Him.

As we reflect on these twenty years of ministry and celebrate the stories of lives changed, one thing is clear to the (growing) Revive Our Hearts Team—we’re just doing our job. We will continue to surrender our efforts to Him, asking Him to continue to use this ministry to revive hearts around the world.