Letter from Nancy

Dear Friend,

Whenever I’m on a long flight, I’m always relieved when the captain comes over the loudspeaker and announces that we’ve begun our descent. No matter how endless or tiring the trip may have felt, as I hear the whir of the landing gear dropping, I’m heartened that we’re almost “there” and I can look forward to what lies ahead.

For many of us, these last weeks of 2020 may feel the same way. This year has been a bumpy ride (to put it mildly), and at times it’s felt like it would never end. We’re ready to be on the ground, to move to the next (hopefully smoother) stage of our journey.

Before the plane lands on 2020, I want to take time to reflect back on the hand of God throughout this year. Although His ways have not always been easy to understand, we can trust that this journey is one the Lord has planned.

Nothing that’s happened has taken God by surprise—not the coronavirus, economic hardships, racial tension, election results, or, more personally, my husband Robert’s back-to-back cancer diagnoses. Nothing.

Our Captain filed this flight plan long ago, and we can rest secure in the knowledge that He knows what He is doing and will get us safely to our final destination.

In the midst of a year chock-full of changes and challenges, I could not be more grateful for the goodness and mercies of God in my own life and for the ways He’s used Revive Our Hearts to point women to His Word and to help them trust more deeply in His ways.

While this leg of our trip is not quite finished, Revive Our Hearts is already preparing to take off on a new adventure. As we move into 2021, we’re eagerly anticipating the new ministry opportunities before us and seeing the gospel at work in the lives of women around the world!

As you start your own descent on this year and begin prepara- tions for the next, it’s my prayer that you’ll be able to see how He has been at work in your life. May the knowledge of His sovereign love and care give you hope, confidence, and peace for whatever the year ahead may hold.

Trusting Him,