Leadership Resources: Surviving Ministry Challenges

10 Truths to Set Leaders Free

Leslie Bennett

The lies women's ministry leaders come up against are potent and deadly no matter what our leadership role is. We need to speak the Truth to one another.

40 Evidences That You May Have Left Your First Love

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Evaluate what you really love with the help of these 40 evidences.

4 Leadership Reminders from the Reformation

Lindsay Swartz

The Reformers searched Scripture, believed the Word, and proclaimed the truth, no matter the cost because souls were at stake and the purity of the church was compromised. Your job is the same.

4 Ways to Balance Your Ministry and Family

Judy Dunagan

Leaders face a constant pull between home and ministry. How can we carefully guard each calling?

5 Secrets to Building a Women’s Ministry Team

Erin Davis

Do you find yourself in a team building slump? These tips will get you over the hump of volunteer recruitment and retention.

6 Principles for Leading Women Who Wound

Christel Humfrey

If you have spent any length of time in ministry, you know that at some point personalities will clash, misunderstandings will happen, and feelings will be hurt.

6 Truths to Remember When a Leader Messes Up Royally

Paula Marsteller

When a Christian leader you looked up to messes up royally, here are six truths to remember that will help tame your wild emotions.

9 Ways Ministry Is Like Making Cider

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

As I watched the whole process to make cider, it seemed such a vivid picture of what I have at times felt like over the past thirty or more years of ministry.

A Beautiful Mess

Mark Vroegop

Staying in the church is a good idea, in spite of all the challenges.

Does Jesus Care?

Paul David Tripp

You need to be able to answer: "What in the world is God doing?" and "How in the world should I respond to it?"

Escape the Ministry Comparison Trap

Monica Hall

When we see God moving in another church or ministry in ways we long to see Him move in ours, it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap.

Face Ministry Criticism Like Jesus Did

Erin Davis

When you’re wounded by critical words, it’s hard not to take it personally. At times like these, remember you’re in company with Jesus who endured criticism for our sake.

Gospel Guidelines for Offering Correction

Leslie Bennett

Every one of us will face circumstances that require corrective action. Here's help in handling these sticky situations.

How Not to Implode in Ministry

Erin Davis

As ministry leaders, we are surrounded by people. We are rarely physically alone, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t leading in isolation.

How to Know if You’re Called to Women’s Ministry

Erin Davis

When ministry gets tough (and it will!), you’ll need the resolve that comes from knowing for certain this is the mission God has for you.

'I Haven’t Seen Them for A While'

Jani Ortlund

How can we keep serving our King and His people well when we give and give but it never seems to be enough?

Leading in a Crisis

Leslie Bennett

God has prepared you for this moment in history.

Ministry Is Messy

Mindy Kroesche

Sharing Christ's love is not always easy and wrapped up in a nice, neat package.

Ministry Recruitment Using 7 Proven Steps

Leslie Bennett

When it comes to recruiting volunteers, do you view it as a battle to avoid or a challenge to embrace?

O God Our Help

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Do you ever feel like the needs of those you're called to serve are above your pay grade?

Run Your Race with Perseverance

Judy Dunagan

Is weariness causing you to question your ministry calling? Here’s encouragement to keep running strong.

Serving Controlling Women in Your Church

Shannon Popkin

Division and tension naturally arise when committed but flawed believers try to minister together. Conflict is common. Control Girls are common.

Stepping Stones to Stepping Down from Ministry

Judy Dunagan

How can a leader discern when it’s time to step away from a ministry role?

The Battle After the Battle

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

But sometimes the private battles that follow a big event are even more challenging.

The One Thing Burnt-Out Leaders Need

Judy Dunagan

In the midst of out-of-breath-serving-God-busyness­, have you lost the wonder of Him?

The Threat of Joy in Ministry

Kelly Needham

When ministry offers you joy, Jesus presents an alternative. Do not rejoice that He used you; rejoice that you know Him.

Tips for the Digitally- Challenged in a World Gone Virtual

Leslie Bennett

Hayley Mullins

While online gatherings can never replace in-person fellowship, technology is one of God’s gifts to help us bridge the gap.

What if Our Women’s Ministry Isn’t Valued?

Erin Davis

Instead of letting false perceptions gnaw at you, use these strategies to break through the stigma of women’s ministry.

When Ministry Becomes an Idol

Chiree Patterson

Whether it is a ministry, a relationship, a position, or a job, all of us are inclined to exalt things—even good things—above Christ.

When They Don't Love You Back

Erin Davis

Erin shares a very personal story about when you love someone and they don't respond in kind.

When You’ve Disappointed Someone

Erin Davis

There's a right way (and a zillion wrong ways) to handle disappointment.

Where Have All the Volunteers Gone?

Christina Fox

While it’s not the only concern for ministry leaders, it is a widespread concern—the ministry volunteer shortage.

Women's Ministry Leader Survival Guide

Leslie Bennett

While ministry is a precious joy and privilege, it isn’t necessarily easy. Whatever your leadership role entails, there’s no avoiding the challenges that inevitably arise.