Understanding True Womanhood (Two Messages)

Gender is a hot topic these days. And no wonder, as manhood and womanhood exist for no lesser reason than glorifying God and putting the gospel of Jesus Christ on display! Choose these videos to learn just how profoundly gender really does matter.

  1. Pre-Session Preparation (Optional)

    This ten-minute collection of prayer quotes will help prepare women's hearts as they wait for the event to begin.

  2. Opening Prayer Video (Optional)

    Begin your event with this powerful opening sets of prayers by the True Woman '14 speaker team.

    • Opening Prayer
      Running time
      10 minutes
      Leslie Bennett, Lauren Chandler, Susan Hunt, Mary Kassian, Jani Ortlund, Janet Parshall, Kimberly Wagner
  3. Message #1

    Choose one of the following messages.

  4. Message #2

    Choose one of the following messages.

  5. Closing Prayer Video (Optional)

    Wrap up your event with these powerful prayers from the True Woman '12 speaker team.

  6. Optional Features

    Customize your event by including extra video features into your event.

  7. Facilitating a Ceremony (Optional)

    Guidelines on how to facilitate: 1. True Woman Manifesto Ceremony 2. Concert of Prayer