Hope in God’s Word (Day 8)

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Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. —Psalm 119:89

Our hope:
I have hope because God’s Word is firmly fixed.

We’ve all experienced the sorrow that comes when we put our hope in the wrong source.

We hoped a relationship would satisfy us, only to see it end.
We hoped a new diet would fix us, only to discover we’re still living in a broken body.
We hoped the change of seasons would nudge us out of our funk, only to discover new sources of discouragement.

And yet, there is a source of hope that will not fail us, a fountain of hope that can never run dry.

God’s Word is that source. It is now and ever more will be.

Among many other reasons, the psalmist reminds us we can hope in God’s Word because of its permanence.

Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens (Ps. 119:89).

In a world where everything is perpetually shifting, God’s Word remains constant. It works like the North Star, giving us a permanent point to look for hope:

  • No matter what curveballs life throws at you.
  • No matter what sands shift beneath your feet.
  • No matter what else changes . . .

You can have hope, because the hope-filled Word of God is firmly fixed.

Reflect and Respond:

Read Psalm 119.

  • What hope-filled truths do you find in this psalm?
  • Remember a time when you were tempted to despair, but God’s Word gave you hope.
  • How can you turn toward God’s Word more often in the days ahead?

Go deeper:

  • Listen to the Revive Our Hearts radio program, “An Alphabet of Prayers,” to learn more about Psalm 119.
  • Think it’s impossible to memorize this longest chapter in the Bible? Think again. Read how four teenagers did it in this blog post, “My Four Teens Memorized Psalm 119.”

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