Girls Need a Vision for Biblical Womanhood, Too

Leaders don’t have to know every answer, but we do need to know where to turn for help. The leader resources at Revive Our Hearts offer solutions to your questions and quandaries. We are honored to serve women’s ministry leaders! —Leslie Bennett, Women’s Ministries Initiatives

As I stepped into the role of women’s ministry coordinator at my church a few years ago, above all else, two things were absolutely clear. First, I was completely dependent on God’s wisdom and strength. And second, I needed to seek God’s perspective and mission. So our women’s leadership team made it our focus to equip, challenge, and come alongside women to make and live as disciples of Christ—established and walking in the truth of God’s Word.

While many of the ways I work toward these goals are focused on women, I also serve in a children’s ministry that God has used to help both women and girls in our church family live out the beauty of the gospel together.

A Passion for Biblical Womanhood—For All Ages

When my four children were young, my hunger for the Bible exploded, and I read and studied the Word voraciously. I was also introduced to Revive Our Hearts and immediately dug in to the biblical teaching and resources they offered. I was especially compelled by the focus on biblical womanhood. What I read and heard from Revive Our Hearts matched up with what I was learning from studying the Bible in all sorts of ways, particularly about God’s design, plan, and purposes for women. I was eager to share all I was learning.

Several years later, I had the opportunity to help with my daughter’s third through fifth grade class on Wednesday nights at our church. Not only was I able to have special time with my daughter, I also made connections with other women in the church and saw a need to bring more structure and depth to the group. So when the leader stepped down at the end of the year, I had an opportunity to say “yes” to God.

As I took over leadership of the girls group, I spent the summer completely restructuring the curriculum. I had noticed there wasn’t an overall focus for the group, so the three grade levels were each doing their own thing. There was also a lack of resources and a common structure for each time we met. Finally, through my past experience of serving and leading women, it became evident that if we (myself included!) had learned and been taught to notice some specific biblical essentials of womanhood as girls, perhaps we would be better equipped and motivated to live out those essentials as women.

Day after day, I sat on a lawn chair in my front yard with my laptop, surrounded by my Bible and books on biblical womanhood (and the True Woman Manifesto!) while my kids played. I searched the Scriptures and the principles of biblical womanhood and created a curriculum that included seven themes for the year:

  • Truth Seekers—Learning why and how to study the Bible.
  • A Truly Strong Girl—Learning and living out God’s design for women.
  • Friendship—What friendship should and should not look like according to the Bible.
  • Who’s in Charge?!—Concepts of authority and submission.
  • Humility—God’s definition of humility and practical examples of humility.
  • Service—Attitudes and actions involved in serving at home, church, and in the world.
  • Live it Out!—Examples of women living out God’s design and purpose for women in the Bible and within our church family.

Within each theme, we look to the Bible and biblical examples—primarily women—to find truth. Each Wednesday evening we have a time of worship, a lesson about one of our themes, then strive to apply what we learn through activities, games, crafts, and service opportunities.

That was six-and-a-half years ago. Through those years I’ve had the joy and challenge of serving with faithful women to teach girls how to study the Bible and then use those skills to discover the design, purpose, and plan God has for them. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the girls and families in our church family better, including extra time with my own kids! I’ve delighted in watching young girls study the Word and have moments of true understanding and living out that good Word.

While there have certainly been times of frustration and weariness, I’ve seen God’s hand consistently throughout it all. My prayer is that these girls will gain a foundation of truth about Christ, themselves, and how to live in response and that they will indeed know, believe, and live out what they learn and grow up to be women who love and live God’s Word.

A Tapestry of the Gospel

Through the years I have led the elementary girls, my opportunities to teach and lead women have grown as well. I could give countless examples of how God has connected what I teach the girls to what I teach older women—and vice versa. I have been astounded at how the women in leadership for the girls’ group also encourage and exhort each other as women in all our different roles.

Several of these women, like me, also serve in various roles in our women’s ministry. So often the “basics” that we’re teaching and striving to display to the girls become ways that God solidifies truth in our own hearts and minds. Then that equips us to share with the older women we serve as well. It’s quite a tapestry God is creating.

There are many beautiful, strong threads of connection and truth that God has weaved—and is still weaving—through the girls and women in our church. The results will never be perfect; there are flaws and holes to be sure. But it is beautiful.

What are some of the ways God is weaving the beauty of the gospel into your church family throughout the generations? We’d love to hear your stories.

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Heidi Jo Fulk

Heidi Jo desires to know and live God’s Word, then teach and challenge other women to do the same. Heidi and her husband, Dan, live in Michigan with their four children and she leads women's ministries at her church.

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