A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2018

At the Leader Connection we’re in a very merry spirit, so here’s an early Christmas gift from our ministry to yours . . . it’s the biggest giveaway to date! We’ve gift-wrapped some special resources just for you! Check out the end of the post for details on how to win.

Who can forget the catchy rendition of “My Favorite Things” sung by Maria, the Von Trapp family governess, in The Sound of Music?

At Revive Our Hearts, we’ve been humming this tune while rounding up a few favorite things from 2018. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens conjure up cozy feelings but didn’t quite make the list. Our favorites are the ministry bests that we’ve heard about from you and are shared from the various halls of ministry where you lead.

We’re super grateful for the leaders who applauded the resources from ROH that are helpful tools for their thriving ministries. . . Nancy’s podcast, 10 Truths to Set Leaders Free Ebook, Women’s Ministry Leader Survival Guide Ebook (an exclusive resource when you join our Women’s Leader Facebook Group), Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free, Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free, Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together, True Woman 101, True Woman 201, and The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings. It’s our privilege to serve you and the local church!

Now before you start devouring the list* (I promise it’s worth your valuable time!), we’re toasting 2018 with a blockbuster giveaway. That means it’s really big! So read to the end so you can enter to win one of ten bundle packages of our newest resources! Here we go . . .

A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2018

Bible Studies to Go Deep

Books: Old & New

Podcasts Worth a Listen

  • Ask Pastor John
    Lori Bleth, Women’s Ministry Team Leader
  • Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie
    Heidi Jo Fulk, Women's Ministry Coordinator
  • Journeywomen with Hunter Beless
    Marissa Henley, Mentoring Program Coordinator and Mentor
  • Theology Gals with Coleen Sharp, Ashley Glassick, and Angela Whitehorn
    Michele Samuelson, Women’s Ministry Publicity Chair
  • Risen Motherhood with Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
    Marissa Skipper, Church Planting Spouse
  • Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels
    Rachel Johnson, Mentor and Women’s Ministry Leadership
  • The Briefing with Albert Mohler
    Cheryl Brown, Women’s Ministry Director
  • Knowing Faith by The Village Church
    Cristiane Baker, Women’s Worker
  • The Homemaking Foundations with Jami Balmet
    Mairin Schuman, Mentor

Mentoring Resources

Inspiring Devotionals

Fruit-Bearing Events

  • “Women’s Collective” is a bi-monthly gathering that connects younger and older women through a short teaching followed by a meal. New teachers are stretching their legs through this opportunity.
    Rachel Johnson, Mentor and Women’s Ministry Leadership
  • Local church conference led by Martha Peace on women’s issues, depression/anxiety, and modesty. Even the teen girls clutched their notes eager to share what they learned with their struggling friends.
    Keli Judd, Women of Grace Ministries Team Leader
  • “Women, Relationships and Sexuality” with Ellen Dykas from Harvest USA. This event opened up the often avoided topic of sexuality, but also addressed the deeper issues of idolatry. It was well received and a first step in bringing concerns women secretly struggle with into the light of God’s Word.
    Linda Green, Director of Women’s Ministries
  • An annual prayer and worship night. Women came together to pray with a focus on Scripture, worship, and praise.
    Heidi Jo Fulk, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • The Charles Simeon Trust workshop for women that transformed the way I study the Bible.
    Lori Bleth, Women’s Ministry Team Leader
  • "Guess who's coming to dinner!" event. Women gathered in homes in groups of six to eight for a potluck dinner and fellowship. The guest list was kept secret until each guest arrived.
    Cyndee Ownbey, Founder Women's Ministry Toolbox
  • Local church women’s event based on the book Triumphing Over Sinful Fear by John Flavel. Applicable and challenging content!
    Mairin Schuman, Mentor
  • The Ladies Spring Brunch “Adorned” was the perfect kickoff to connecting older and younger women of our church to build close relationships. The different generations need each other, and we want to be faithful to God’s clear command for the older women to disciple the younger.
    Jean Wilund, Women’s Ministry Team

Praiseworthy Ministry Highlights

  • The "more seasoned" ladies of our church hosted a lunch for our mom's group to encourage us through their testimonies and wise counsel. They’ve committed to pray for young families, which is so encouraging.
    Samantha Mezich, Moms Group Co-leader
  • Mission Field Immersion Night with a missionary from our congregation who serves in two distinct cultures.
    Cheryl Brown, Women’s Ministry Director
  • Seeing the intentionality and faithfulness of our women studying God’s Word and their commitment to pray with and for each other.
    Lori Bleth, Women’s Ministry Team Leader
  • Through a gospel-centered study on James, women expressed gratitude for a gospel approach to a book that often leaves them feeling guilty.
    Linda Green, Director of Women’s Ministries
  • Experiencing God’s amazing provision as I stepped out in faith to assume this ministry position. Walking alongside women and seeing them grow in their identity in Christ never gets old!
    Elise Wilkes, Director of Women’s Ministry
  • Spending time mentoring a college girl who is figuring out what to do with her life.
    Elizabeth Steele, Pastor’s Wife and Bible Study Leader
  • I’ve received God’s grace and kindness during my most personally difficult year. As I minister to women, He ministers to me. He comforts me as I speak His Truth to women in need of encouragement, compassion, correction, and help. As God completes the good work He began in all of us, I’ve gained more patience and dependence upon the Holy Spirit to work in the women He’s given me to serve.
    Wendy Foulke, Women of the Word Director
  • We began a new prayer initiative to pray for each woman of our church by name using a monthly prayer focus and Scripture. Women who aren’t involved in women’s ministry were often the ones who experienced the deepest impact of knowing someone is praying God’s Word specifically for them.
    Heidi Jo Fulk, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Training women to be Titus 2 leaders using Titus 2 Tools by Susan Hunt. The team was knitted together in love as we modeled a true Titus 2 small group. It was such an “ah-ha” moment seeing it come to light.
    Jana Henry, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Launching a discipleship ministry.
    Allie Vining, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Semi-annual SPA weekend ("Sisters in PJ’s with Appetites—Hungry for God and Just Plain Hungry”) during which ten women from the under-forty generation and ten women from the over-forty generation spent the night together to build relationships.
    Jean Wilund, Women’s Ministry Team

Snapshots of Answered Prayer

  • Seeing the Lord’s steadfast and faithful hand in building His team for the women’s ministry at our church.
    Lori Bleth, Women’s Ministry Team Leader
  • We are seeing women being compelled by more in-depth Bible study and connection together.
    Heidi Jo Fulk, Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • God has helped me to see His goodness and love in spite of unchanging heartbreaking circumstances. Ironically, He’s answering the deepest prayers of my heart by not answering (at least for now) prayers for healing and relief from long-suffering.
    Linda Green, Director of Women’s Ministries
  • Over and over, I saw the Lord bring about what He wanted to accomplish. Specifically, God brought people who have been “MIA” inside our church walls back into fellowship with the body of believers!
    Elise Wilkes, Director of Women’s Ministry
  • REST.
    Leah Dean, Women’s Ministry Leadership Team
  • God is opening women’s hearts to pursue Bible literacy. Their priorities are changing. Praise God.
    Cristiane Baker, Women’s Worker
  • God gave me a specific verse to rely upon while waiting on an important decision impacting our family. It has been a balm to my anxious heart.
    Beth Stevens, Pastor’s Wife

Something New

  • Getting together for a weekend with other pastors’ wives. It was so refreshing, so needed, and a blessing.
    Elizabeth Steele, Pastor’s Wife and Bible Study Leader
  • Regular fellowship evenings have allowed women to connect in a more casual manner and have built bridges to invite women to join in for Bible study and prayer. I was not initially in favor of it, but it’s meeting women where they are and graciously exhorting them to “wade in a little further” to what it means to be a part of the local church, the Bride of Christ. It’s been humbling and an unexpected blessing.
    Lori Bleth, Women’s Ministry Team Leader
  • A women’s evening of worship and prayer was a huge blessing to all.
    Linda Green, Director of Women’s Ministries
  • “Extend the Table” is an invitation to model Acts 2 community after a women’s gathering through a follow-up with the women who sat together. This initiative is creating deeper connections and opportunities to invest in women’s lives. One new community group was birthed from it!
    Elise Wilkes, Director of Women’s Ministry
  • Our Women’s Ministry Advisory Council and Prayer Team divided up the names of the ladies of our church and committed to pray for one each day. We invite the woman to share her joys and concerns as we intercede. It’s an encouragement for all of us, and it helps me be more organized and connected to my ladies.
    Wendy Foulke, Women of the Word Director
  • Quarterly evening of “Coffee, Friends & a Latte Fun!” is held at my home to build relationships and spur on gospel and faith conversations as we learn to do life together.
    Jean Wilund, Women’s Ministry Team
  • The Women’s Leadership Team each invited a younger woman to join us for a monthly study of Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together. Now these ladies are seeking other groups to lead through the Titus 2 teaching, and there’s a new generation of trained leaders to pass the ministry baton to when the time comes. My heart is so blessed to invest.
    Kristi Barefoot, Women’s Ministry Director

Join us in rejoicing over the good work God accomplished through women’s leaders around the world to bring gospel truth and true hope in Christ to broken, hurting, and despairing people in 2018. As we look ahead to a new ministry year, you may want to create your own scroll of remembrance to celebrate God’s provision over the past twelve months. For our hope, confidence, and joy in serving comes from knowing that Jesus Christ, our priceless Treasure, is the same yesterday and today and forever, and He is faithfully upholding His promise: “Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).

Now it’s your turn to enter our very merry Christmas giveaway! We have ten bundles of Lies Women Believe, Lies Men Believe, Abigail Bible Study (one of each) and a Truth That Sets Us Free boutique candle to give away. Register to win by sharing this blog post then leaving a comment to tell us your “favorite thing” in ministry from 2018. Ten winners will be picked at random. Good luck!

*Inclusion on the list does not imply an endorsement from Revive Our Hearts. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed!

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