Your Thought Closet Makeover

March 26, 2010 Jennifer Rothschild

Every woman has a closet full of everything she's placed there; some is attractive, lots is outdated, ugly, or just doesn't fit! Every woman also has a thought closet full of everything she's said to herself for years. Some of the self talk content is attractive and useful. But, lots of it is ugly, outdated, and just doesn't fit because it isn't based on truth! What we've placed in our thought closets is what we clothe our lives with. That's why Jennifer's session is so life-giving. She helps you know what to say to your soul and what to never allow in your thought closet.

Running Time: 60 minutes

About the Speaker

Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer Rothschild's life drastically changed at the age of fifteen when she lost her sight. Now, more than twenty-five years later, she boldly and compassionately teaches women how to walk by faith, not sight. Jennifer has shared her inspiring message at conferences like True Woman and Women of Faith, and on media outlets like Dr. Phil and Good Morning America. She's the author of seven books, and lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband and their two sons, Clayton and Connor.