Daily Reflections: A Daily Digital Devotional

Coming Home

August 7, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

She watches over the activities of her household. —Proverbs 31:27

Contemporary culture greatly devalues what happens in the home. It views homemaking as a conglomeration of meaningless tasks such as cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors, folding laundry. But every woman knows that creating a home is about more than the sum of the tasks involved.

Creating a home isn’t about checking tasks off a list or about filling a house with material possessions—it’s ultimately about people. It’s about creating a warm, nurturing, orderly, stable place that promotes well-being and fosters physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. It’s about welcoming others in. It’s about ministering to the soul. It’s about cultivating relationships.

When we create a home, we provide a “cover” where family and friends can retreat and be sheltered from the cold, cruel world outside. A place where they’ll feel cocooned and cradled in a comfy cloud of love. A place where they can rest and recharge from the daily grind. A place where they can flourish. A place that foreshadows the welcome believers will receive in heaven. A place that calls and beckons them “Home.”

Make it Personal

How can your home be used as a place to nurture life? How can you nurture life within your relationships?