Daily Reflections: A Daily Digital Devotional

A Good Report

March 20, 2022 Laura Booz

“The Lord is with us. Don’t be afraid of them!” —Numbers 14:9

God brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. But before leading them into their new homeland, He instructed Moses to send spies to scout out the land.

Despite observing its abundance, ten of the spies reported there was no way the Israelites could acquire the land because the people there were strong and the cities fortified (Num. 13:28, 31–33). According to them, God would not (or could not) act on behalf of His people. Their bad report was so hopeless the people were ready to return to slavery.

The two remaining spies, Caleb and Joshua, shocked everyone by saying, “Let’s go up now and take possession of the land because we can certainly conquer it!” (v. 30). Although they saw the same things, they expected a different outcome. They had iron-clad trust in God.

Eventually, the Israelites who failed to trust God died in the wilderness, but Caleb and Joshua entered the Promised Land and their descendants inherited it. The words they spoke about what God could do in the direst of circumstances mattered.

Make it Personal

Find a verse that gives you a good report about God’s victorious power and meditate on it throughout the day.