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Joy in the Midst of Chronic Pain

"Pain can make you really bitter, or it can be the thing that keeps you very near the Lord’s side." ~Glenna Marshall

A Heart for Adoption

"When we take in children, we’re reflecting the heart of our Father God." ~Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth


Serving in Ministry with Courage and Clarity, with Amanda Kassian

In this episode of Grounded, Amanda Kassian shares her journey of founding Seen Ministry, and Susan Hunt and Robyn McKelvy offer advice on serving in ministry.

Daily Routines

As you go about your daily routines, are you consistently doing the most important thing?

From the Blog

When Her Suffering Shakes Your Faith

Katie Laitkep
When you watch someone else suffer, your faith will either be strengthened by the reality of a good and sovereign God or weakened, one storm at…

Answers to Your Prodigal Questions

Joannie DeBrito
We have a God who sees and cares about the pain going on in our prodigals’ lives.
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