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Personal Stories

You Can Trust God to Write Your Story

Nothing Is Impossible to Almighty God

I have always believed that my Father God can do anything, that nothing is impossible to Him. I surrendered my life to Jesus in my teens and I have tried to follow Him and believe in His faithfulness. I look back now on all my many failed relationships and the pain of broken heart. When I think of that pain I feel as if a knife is thrust into my stomach. My life now as I go forward surrendering daily my life of service to God. I work in a Christian assisted living home as their cook. I enjoy the fellowship and reading the Bible to the old ladies!

— Lisa Wong Sang

Mine His and Ours

From the beginning, my husband Delbert and I had so much in common. Our phone numbers are so similar, all 4 parents names are almost the same. The first two years of marriage made in heaven. The next 5 years spent was hell. After that we became aware that Jesus had always been in our lives. 2020 hindsight.

It has been 46 yrs of marriage. We've come a long ways in Christ. So many great testimonies to be shared of finding love, faith, belief, all thru the grace of God. It's a story of adventure, love, hate, fear, danger, money management, marriage, affairs, children, abuse, anger, hurt, disappointments, cancer, work. We own our business. Rather it belongs to The Lord. I could write a big book—believe it would be a bestseller.

— Shirley

GOD Is with Her

I'm a recent widow. I buried my husband of 30 years in May of 2018 of a sudden heart attack at 56 years old. My dad who lives with me was still in the hospital from 2 weeks earlier after a major heart attack and open heart surgery—5 bypasses and 2 valve replacements. I was with my dad's cardiologist when I received the call about my husband.

My children and I were devastated. We had just enjoyed a perfect weekend at the Rays game and dinner on the Sarasota Bay.

The months that followed were very dark and unbearable. I was suicidal and stayed in the bed for weeks. I just didn’t want to be here. Just 6 months earlier I was in the hospital with a 10 hour heart procedure that didn’t go well. I had an allergic reaction to the fentanyl and they ordered a flush. Then I developed pneumonia a couple days later and my husband had to sign papers to put me on life support. I eventually got better, then my husband died instead, 6 months later.

At 14 years old I was ejected out of a car and was in a coma for 3 weeks with a crushed pelvis, hips, femur, knees, internal bleeding, ruptured bladder. I was 6 months in the hospital and weighing only 72 lbs by only GODs grace I came home in a reclining wheel chair. 25 surgeries later , metal in both legs , heart condition and only one kidney, I’m currently perfectly healthy .

Even after building 2 multi million dollar companies ( 1 construction , 1 coal company ), private jets , mega mansions and all the trappings that went with it . Then came foreclosures , bankruptcies, tax liens when the coal industry imploded .

Through it all GOD has been right there with me . I’ve learned to trust him even when I can’t trace him . He can give you the world and show you His power . Then He can remove it so you’ll see all you really need is him. I’ve learned to be just as happy in the back of a bus as I am in the front of our Bentley. I’ve learned to hold all blessings with an open palm and not a clinched fist.

He promises me beauty for my ashes even though I have a whole mountain of them. He’s healing me from the inside out. GOD is good and he is faithful. Through all my trials I have grown to trust His plan even though it includes my broken heart and body. I will use my pain as a platform to help others. He has worked many miracles in my life and continues to work miracles daily, you just have to chose to see them.
Forever His ,
Yvonne K Scarborough
GOD is with her

— Yvonne

God's Prevailing Purposes in my Profound Plight

My story, truly, is not about me. Rather, it is a testimony to God's extraordinary grace and sovereign plans to "unite all things in Christ"— for our good and His glory. I've been aware of his hand on my life from a very young age, even during the decades I spent trying to wriggle out from under that weight. To save words and space:
* Oldest daughter of a Baptist pastor
* Drawn to the Bible early on; literally slept with it as a child
* Public persona of conservative, religious, intelligent, successful
* Professed faith at 9; baptized by my father
* Sexually (and secretly) active at 16
* By 28; married with 1 child; divorced; three additional pregnancies with 3 other men; 2 abortions, one miscarriage
(again, all hidden from family)
* Spent nearly 10 years in lesbian relationships; ironically was "spiritual counselor" to LGBT community during that time
* Interspersed with all this were periods of serious Bible study and church activity; actually leading a singles ministry in Baptist church, teaching church and home-based Bible studies; sincerely believing what I read and studied but desperate to see it worked out in my own life and the life of others; "there's got to be more" was the cry of my heart
* In that desperation, went searching for that "more"—full blown participation in New Age thought (influenced by Shirley MacLaine books) for 2 years until some speaker told me to repeat that "I am God." I walked out and never looked back.
* Returned to church, tried harder—explored charismatic practices, listened to multiple speakers, read numerous books—some "felt" right, some didn't
* Experienced "shunning" from Baptist church when staff learned of my lesbian past (repented of and abandoned two years prior)
(This is getting too long - going to skip ahead and summarize)

** I do not know when I was truly regenerated, I cannot point to an "aha" moment when I knew I was genuinely and truly made a new creature in Christ. I know that it happened. It wasn't an emotional moment. God used the power of his Word and His Spirit.

There came a point in time when I chose to believe Him. I say "I chose" because He sovereignly, in His grace and love, chose me in eternity past and brought me to new life in Christ. And I know that God has redeemed all those years and experiences.

I bear consequences of those sins. My only son has had nothing to do with me or his extended family for 10 years; including his daughter, who now lives near me with her husband and 2 children, whom he has never seen. As long as I breathe, I will continue to pray that I see him at the Throne. But my life is full of purpose and joy and peace. His purpose and his joy and his peace.

* Almost five years ago, I nearly died from complications from surgery; five months in three hospitals and a rehab center, on ventilator for 7 weeks, not expected to recover fully. "But God." God fully restored me, even enabling me to return to my job as Business Administrator at my church (leaders had protected my position, doing the work themselves, praying for my recovery and return — a miracle in itself)
* Now 72, I still work - lead a Life Group, teach, speak, write
* Am considered a passionate, radical, prayer-warrior, sold-out follower of Jesus Christ, because I am.

Philippians 3:10 has long been the prayer of my life and Revive Our Hearts and Nancy's many books and studies have long been one of the primary influences on my life, greatly used by the King to educate, encourage and exhort.

The banner that flies over my life, that guides my teaching and my speaking and my witness, is this:

He is worthy, and He is enough!

— Trish