LIVE From Ft. Worth: True Woman Manifesto Ceremony

True Woman Ft. Worth . . . Saturday morning . . . closing session. This point in the conference gets me so excited that I literally can’t sit still. In fact, if you were here (and I wish you were) you could probably find me pacing at some point in the back of the arena. Why? Because I get so excited about what is going on right now that I can’t be idle. The culmination of this event is here—the reading and signing of the True Woman Manifesto.

You see, over the past few days, we’ve had the opportunity to hear dozens of messages, stories and testimonies about what it means to be a True Woman of God. We’ve been challenged by Nancy to leave a Godly legacy for the generations to follow. We’ve been reminded by Mary Kassian to live wisely in a world that urges us to be foolish, and we’ve been challenged by Keith and Kristyn Getty to worship Christ alone.

And now we all stand at the point of making our declaration clear. While only the Lord knows how deep the commitment of each woman truly runs, there is something incredibly significant about hearing the voices of thousands of women corporately affirm their desire to walk in the wisdom of the Lord’s design for their womanhood. For me, this ceremony provides three clear reminders:

  • My role as a female and gender-specific design is not man-made. It is based on Scripture as a result of God’s marvelous creativity of men and women in his image.
  • I need to regularly affirm my commitment to be a woman who honors the Lord through my femininity.
  • I am not alone. There are thousands of women in this room and millions throughout history who stand alongside me in this stature of submission.

Sisters, whether you are physically in this room or reading this from your home across the globe, my sincere desire and prayer is that you would recognize and embrace God’s incredible design for you— as female. It is significant that you have been created in God’s image and that He has purposefully made you a woman. Embrace it—not in the way that society urges, but in a manner that displays submission to God’s will for your life and gender.

This manifesto ceremony is not significant because we handle details perfectly or because things run as smooth as they possibly could. It’s not significant because we play with emotion or want women to think that who we are as a staff is so great. This ceremony is significant because thousands of women are glorifying God for what He has done from creation to the cross. Who we are as men and women is about more than personality types and biological differences—so much more.

As I type these words, my eyes are blurry with tears of joy and thanksgiving for what God has done. He has met us in this Ft. Worth arena and reminded us of His wisdom. So as the dust settles in this convention center and we all return to the chaos that surrounds our life, may the Lord find us faithful in honoring Him with our femininity. May Christ be magnified in our homes and churches as He enables us to be True Women—women that declare His greatness through obedience and trust in His design for our lives.

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Liz Lockwood

Liz Lockwood

Liz Lockwood graduated from Southern Seminary in 2005, with an M.Div. and Th.M. in theology. She recently joined the staff at Revive Our Hearts, where she serves in the area of communication and social media. When not behind her … read more …

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