LIVE From Ft. Worth: Disengaging From Neutral

Ladies, we live in a time when we are given so many rights, but are slow to take any blame. You probably agree that it has become socially acceptable to blame men as the problem for just about anything in our lives. As sinful humans, we have the tendency to pass the blame, and as women, we have been given the "right" to do so.

Sitting in this arena this morning, I look around and see the faces of thousands of women and wonder if this mentality has taken hold of our minds more than we are even aware. Are we - as Christian women – just as guilty for pointing the blame to someone other than ourselves for our sin?

In this morning's session, Kay Arthur challenged us by stating that: "It's time for you and I to decide what kind of women we are going to be." It's time to move to action. We can no longer sit idly by and let culture call the shots for how we handle our homes and marriages. We must take responsibility for our sin and its affect on our culture.

Read with me some words from Kay's opening prayer:

God, you created me woman. You know what you designed for me to be. I don't want to be a foolish woman. I want to fulfill your purpose for me. Speak to me through your word. Cleanse me through the washing of your word . . .

In our culture, these are (what we call in the south) "fightin' words." They are not neutral. The fact is that you can't truly pray these words in integrity unless you plan on being counter-cultural. Friends, the reason the True Woman movement is so critical – the reason we do all that we do - is that the time has come, as Kay reminded us, for us to decide what kind of women we want to be. Action must be taken if we are going to have any influence on the lost world we live in.

As Kay is speaking, my mind keeps thinking of a car sitting in neutral. As you know, when a car is in neutral, it cannot move forward without a push and it cannot move up a hill without momentum. This idle vehicle is a picture of your life if you haven't chosen the kind of woman you want to be. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, and the encouragement of fellow sisters in Christ, the neutral life that you are living will get pushed by culture on the path that leads to destruction.

Psalm 119:4-5 says, "You have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently; oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes!" These verses direct us to the heart of what it means to be a True Woman – obeying the Lord and keeping His commandments. It's not over-complicated, unattainable or impossible. It is, however, counter-cultural and often unpopular. This is the time to decide, women, whether you will live foolishly or wisely.

As Kay communicated so clearly this morning, it matters deeply whether or not you choose to remain neutral. We can sit idle no longer. We must take action⎯not in the manner that culture encourages, but rather with the gentle and quiet spirit that Scripture commands.

Kay has finished speaking now, and women are flooding the altar to pray. These women are choosing to take the most appropriate action⎯taking the first step towards True Womanhood in humbling themselves before the Lord. This, friends, is the kind of woman I want to be. Will you join me in disengaging from the comfortable, neutral gear of life?

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Liz Lockwood

Liz Lockwood

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