LIVE From Fort Worth: True Womanhood Is About So Much More Than You!

There was a hushed stillness about the auditorium tonight as Mary Kassian opened Proverbs 7 to talk about the "Girl Gone Wild."

Maybe the soberness I sensed was in answer to her prayer at the beginning . . .

Oh, God, use your Word to cut like a razor to those areas where we have wildness. Do surgery on our hearts tonight. Revive and radically transform us by your Word into the holy women You want us to be for the sake of Your name, Your glory, and the sake of Your gospel.

"Wildness" looks many different ways-from the sensuality of the 21st century woman, to the flapper of the 1920s, to the wild thing of the 1600s who posed for a portrait in her nightgown with loosened hair. Regardless of the specific look, Mary reminded us that wildness starts in the heart.

Wildness also warps true womanhood. A thought I'd never considered before was that sin affects us sex-specifically. Wildness makes us get our womanhood wrong. It messes up our sexuality as women. It messes with our attitudes as women. It messes with the way we relate to others as women. Mary walked through Proverbs 7 verse by verse to show us just how deeply and profoundly wildness permeates our lives-from clamoring to get our own way, to controlling and manipulating the men in our lives, to talking excessively.

Mary then commented on how there's a powerful pull on women to go wild. She said that we lend support to Satan's rebellion against God whenever we rely on our own wisdom to know how to live rather than relying on God's wisdom.

Here's the part that made me perk up my ears and sit on the edge of my seat. Are you ready? God created women to be powerful, powerful influencers. Satan knows this-that one woman can change the course of history. Your life WILL impact a mighty throng-for good or for evil.

The enemy is also aware of the powerful imagery of womanhood. There's a purpose for your womanhood that is so much bigger than you! Manhood, womanhood, marriage, and sex are all mini-lessons that tell a watching world the story about the Bridegroom who loved his bride so much that He died to redeem her! Because these are such critical images, is it any wonder that they're at the center of such a strong battle today?

In fact, choosing to pattern your life after Scripture is now a truly revolutionary act! If you get your womanhood right, you glorify God and put the Gospel on display.

Can you imagine what would happen if the 3,800+ attendees at the final True Woman '10 Conference repented of their wildness? If you and I did?

Mary (and the entire True Woman Team) believes that revival would happen, which is why we're so passionate about this quiet counter-cultural revolution of true womanhood.  


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