How Pro-life Are You, Really?

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling.

My day was going just fine, until I googled "how many babies aborted since 1973?" The first link I clicked on caught me off guard and stopped me dead in my tracks. There, staring me in the face at are eleven abortion counters, ticking off real-time estimates of abortions performed in the U.S. and worldwide since 1973, this year, today, and the number of abortions "worldwide since you loaded this page"—731, 732, 733, 734—faster than I can type.

Each number a life, a child, a mother, a father, advancing a culture of death one click at a time.

In the normal course of my life, I don't often rub up against the abortion culture firsthand. Sadly, the topic sometimes becomes more theoretical to me than real. Somehow, those counters make it all seem so much more vivid and tragic.

1194, 1195, 1196 . . .

Each number a life, a child, a mother, a father, advancing a culture of death one click at a time.

Nothing could be more counter-cultural than God's way. If we're going to advocate for a culture of life, we are going to be swimming upstream against a culture that is choosing death day after day, not only when it comes to abortion, but in countless other ways.

In a world that devalues life, followers of Christ can and ought to be messengers of life. Who better than those who have been given the gift of eternal life, to show the infinite, eternal value that God places on every human soul. In fact, we are called to be proactively engaged as messengers of life.

We cannot just stay in our little ivory towers and watch the world participating in this culture of death without caring or getting involved.

Proverbs 24:11 gives us this mandate, "Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter." We cannot just stay in our little ivory towers, our little sanctified fortresses, and watch the world participating in this culture of death without caring or getting involved.

1573, 1574, 1575, 1576 . . .

I think it's safe to assume that most readers of this blog would self-identify as pro-life. But today I want to encourage us to consider whether we really treat all human life as precious. Does our lifestyle express and honor our Creator's view of life?

Here are a few questions to consider that go beyond the issue of abortion and get to the heart of how we value and protect life around us in practical, everyday ways.*

Think about the shows that you go to see, the movies you rent, the TV programs you watch, the video programs your kids are playing. Are they showing a cheapened view of life?

Do you think of them as a nuisance or as a gift from God? Children can be difficult sometimes and create issues—I'm not arguing that. But God loves the little children! You can't be pro-life and not love children.

These people are precious to God, and they need to be precious to us. The way we talk to and about others says something about whether we are really pro-life. When harsh and slanderous words about others come out of our mouths, when we destroy the reputations of others, when we say things about others behind their backs that we wouldn't say to their faces, can we really call ourselves pro-life? Can we say we view those people as precious, valued, and to be protected?

I've observed Christians slam others in the blogosphere with whom they disagree theologically or ideologically. You may not agree with everything someone stands for, but what gives us license to ridicule them and to be harsh and mean-spirited? When we talk that way, we are demeaning the image of God. An attack on another human being, even if they are the most evil human being ever created, is an attack on God Himself.

  1. Are you or your children being entertained by movies, shows, or video games that sensationalize or trivialize murder or that promote a cheapened view of life?
  2. What is your view of children?
  3. How do you view and treat those society deems as "marginal"—the poor, those with disabilities, the elderly, those who can no longer care for themselves?
  4. How do you communicate with others via social media?


For sure, there are issues that need to be addressed, but the spirit in we how do reveals whether we really view life as being valuable. When the world sees that we are able to disagree, even with pagans, in a way that is civil, courteous, kind, and gracious—when they see us speaking the truth in love—it says that we're of a different kingdom.

If we're honest, all of us would have to say we don't value life the way God does. We have sinned against other human beings with our words and thoughts. We have harbored anger and bitterness. We've wished others would just vanish.

2294, 2295, 2296, 2297 . . .

Let's ask the Lord to make us women who truly value life as being precious because every life is created in His image; women who do what we can to protect life from the moment of conception all the way to the final breath.

*Excerpted from "Are You Truly Pro-Life?", a program that aired on Revive Our Hearts on January 20, 2012.


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