The Friday Five – 05/24/19

  1. When your grandma texts you about a post she read on a Revive Our Hearts blog, you know it will be one worth setting aside and reading slowly. And she was right. In the post my grandma sent me, Colleen Chao shares about battling deep discouragement after receiving bad news from her doctor. “I reached for my Bible,” she writes, “and read two verses (just two) before it struck me with new force that while my body is a bad news factory, this Book is nothing but good news. The best news. And when I sit in it . . . my heart grows strong with hope.”
  1. As we get closer to swim season, do you feel pressure to hit the gym to attain a “beach-ready body”? “The world tells us that exercise is primarily a tool for our vanity and for living longer, but Stacy Reaoch says, “Regular exercise is worth so much more than a flat stomach or a smaller waist size. It can be a pathway toward deeper love and joy in our heavenly Father.” Here are five reasons to pursue a regular exercise plan—not related to looking your best in your bathing suit.
  1. So, you’ve met this guy—but is he “the one”? How will you know if he’s the person you should marry? “Do you need to share all the same interests? What about physical attraction? Is it okay to have theological differences? Is it normal to get cold feet, or should that be a red flag?” If you’ve ever asked (or been asked!) these questions, you’ll appreciate the wisdom in this discussion with Jackie Hill Perry, Jen Wilkin, and Jen Pollock Michel, who talked about “the relationships that led to their own marriages, and how and when they met the men they would marry.”
  1. Most abortion-minded women aren’t calculating killers. They’re afraid. Maria Baer has been volunteering in her community’s pregnancy resource center for a few years, and there’s one concrete thing she’s learned: “Most women seeking abortions aren’t uber-political. They aren’t members of the aggressively pro-abortion, Twitter-argument-waging, shout-your-abortion crowd. They aren’t calculating murderers. They’re afraid.” In this post, Maria shares how we can respond to a friend seeking an abortion: she shares what it looks like to “love her, empathize with her, encourage her to choose life for her baby, and ultimately, point her to Jesus.”
  1. I have been counting down to Memorial Day weekend for longer than I’d like to admit. The idea of a three-day weekend sounds absolutely wonderful at this point in the school year. But Memorial Day is about more barbecuing and sunbathing and bargain shopping—it’s a time to remember. As Christians, we’re “memorial people,” writes Jon Bloom, “because the whole of our faith depends upon remembering. Those who persevere into the glorious future are those who remember the gracious past . . . As we commemorate Memorial Day as Americans, let us do it with profound gratitude.”

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Katie Laitkep

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