The Friday Five: 05/01/2020

  1. When we look back on this period in time, I pray we never forget the singing—all of the Instagram concerts and worship on top of hospitals and Sunday morning services streaming into our living rooms. It seems like perfect timing that the series “Hymns of Hope in Troubled Times” aired on Revive Our Hearts earlier this week. If you listened to it and wondered how to get started singing hymns in your home, especially if you’d never describe your own family as “musical,” check out Keith Getty’s five suggestions to create a singing culture. His “hope and prayer is that as families become ‘singing families,’ it will help foster richer devotional lives, deeper and closer families, and stronger churches—united as we sing of the only hope for the world.” 
  2. One of my favorite TGC writers, Kathryn Butler, a trauma and critical care surgeon turned homeschooling mom, is now working alongside many healthcare professionals who have also come out of retirement to assist as coronavirus cases surge. “I’ve ventured back into the ICU to love my neighbors in crisis,” she writes, “because Jesus loved me first. The nights are long and hard. The tears will flow.” But as she cares for case after case, Kathryn says she can rejoice in the ICU, because even in the most desperate moments, God remains faithful.
  3. You know what’s terrifying? A hard heart. “A hard heart starts small, like a snowball. But if it’s not stopped, it will roll and roll into an avalanche and cause real destruction . . . No one wakes up with a sudden urge to divorce, or embezzle, or murder. Those urges start out with seemingly small, selfish acts. The selfishness grows, by small increments, in the corners of our hearts where no one sees.” The stakes are high, but Jen Oshman says that “with God’s help—through His people, by the power of His Spirit, and the formation by His word,” we can maintain soft hearts.
  4. “Folks keep joking about the baby boom that will happen nine months from now,” but if you’re like Lore Ferguson Wilbert, in your circle the babies just keep booming and blooming. On her blog this week, Lore shared the personal news that the possibility of becoming parents has been further delayed for her and her husband: “We have a choice now: spend all our time looking at baby clothes, build a nursery, cultivate jealousy in our hearts toward our friends who have babies, and make snide comments to those who have what we desire. . . Or,” she says, “We can cultivate the life God has given us today.” 
  5. “It’s so tempting to quit reading the Bible when it seems like nothing is sticking, isn’t it?” But as Glenna Marshall explains, “Our confidence in God’s presence is kindled through our regular opening of His Word. . . . When our hearts struggle to absorb the scriptures, the Word does not lose its power. When our emotions are slow to catch up to truth, the Lord doesn’t abandon us. In kindness, He urges us to press on—to keep reading. Keep absorbing. Keep the rhythm of coming to the Lord with your desperation.” And do you know the best time to do this? Right now. We have a whole weekend ahead of us—let’s spend these precious days allowing the Word of God to “engulf” our hearts!

Listings here do not imply endorsement of all writings and positions of the individuals mentioned. 

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep was working as a hospital teacher when God called her to join Revive Our Hearts as a staff writer. She serves remotely from Texas, where God sustains her through saltwater beaches, Mexican food, and Scripture. Her website,, is a record of the Lord’s faithfulness in chronic illness, for even in suffering, He is good.

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