The Friday Five: 04/24/2020

  1. “How is the Lord strengthening you this week?” That’s the first question Erin Davis asked Portia Collins and Carolyn McCulley when they appeared on Grounded, and it kicked off a Q&A session I’ve been thinking about ever since! I realize we’re all getting sick of sitting in front of our screens, so when you’re ready to listen to this episode, pull it up on your phone, push play, then put your phone in your pocket and enjoy listening to their advice as you head for a long walk outdoors or while you sit on your porch taking a break from work. It’s such a good conversation, friend . . . I pray it encourages you today! 
  1. “Loving your neighbor truly and fully often requires vulnerability and sacrifice. It isn’t always comfortable or easy.” But in this episode of the Journeywomen podcast, Nana Dolce “reminds us that God isn’t calling us to safety or self-preservation; He’s calling us to total love of Him. As we grow in our knowledge of God and our security in Him, we find that we are able to give more generously of ourselves to others. As we gain confidence in Christ’s work in us and for us, we are able to vulnerably share our lives, seeking above all else to glorify Christ.”
  1. Have you been following True Woman’s series through the book of James? I love this post from Paula Marsteller, but wow, is it convicting. Even in this season of social distancing, Paula says we can still find ourselves subconsciously showing partiality: sizing others up, playing favorites, or asking, “What’s in it for me?” As you read this post, ask God to show you the motives of your heart and “to help you look past all this world values to what He values.” May we come out of this quarantine with more love for others and more awareness of God’s mercy!
  1. “It seems to me that as we ponder when and how we will emerge from our COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns, we will have a rare chance at a kind of do-over,” writes Tim Challies. One day, when offices and organizations open their doors and gather once more, “will you go, as you did two months ago? Before you go back to what was normal, decide whether this is the normal you want. Take the do-over!” he advises. “Take the opportunity to assess, to evaluate, to carefully and prayerfully ponder the kind of life you want, the kind of life you believe the Lord is calling you to live.” 
  1. Today’s the day! The team at Risen Motherhood has organized a Day of Prayer for moms across the world who are struggling with various effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—and it’s happening now! Every hour (from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. CST), moms will be praying for other moms around the world. You are welcome to join no matter what your day looks like: “You can pray while making breakfast, between homeschool assignments or Zoom calls, and while snuggling before bedtime . . . Together, let’s ask God for mercy and hope for mothers in all walks of life!” 

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