The Friday Five – 02.08.19

  1. Happy release week, Lies Girls Believe! It’s been a blast to see those pink and blue covers exploding all over the Internet! This book may have been written with tween girls and their moms in mind, but it’s not just for them—if you’re like me and don’t fit in either of those categories, grab a copy, and while you’re reading it, ask God to show you a girl who desperately needs this message. And y’all, if you order the book bundle during the month of February, there are Nancy and Dannah STICKERS that come as part of the book bundle. They are hilarious and adorable, and while I have no idea what I’m going to do with them yet, they are an absolute delight.

    Speaking of Lies, did you catch Robert Wolgemuth on FamilyLife Today last week? He exposed nine areas where men can be deceived—a sample of some of the topics he covers in his book! If your sons or brothers or husband have felt a bit left out of all of the Lies Girls Believe fun, this radio series would be great to send their way!
  2. Ready for an opening line that will make you cringe? "Gossip is not only a sin of the mouth, but also a sin of the ears." Ouch. Tim Challies says, “The trouble, of course, is that we don’t always know it’s gossip until we’re in it up to our necks. And then, as we begin to acknowledge that growing sense of disquiet, it’s often unbearably awkward to interject.” Before we begin our weekends, here’s a chance to repent and forgive and “resolve by God’s grace to build up and not burn down, to guard [our mouths and our ears] alike, and to make gossip both unspeakable and unthinkable.” Yes, Lord!
  3. “The latest sound bytes coming out of New York and Virginia have caused most of us terrible grief, as we look up from our day-to-day lives and recognize that our country really has turned into a culture of death,” writes Melissa Edgington. “So many facets of our society proclaim that human life isn’t worth much, but none so boldly and unapologetically as the shameful sin of abortion.” Melissa says that creating and fostering and cherishing a culture of life inside our own families is possible. In this post, she shares how we can help children grow up with a reverence for human life.
  4. Vaneetha Rendall Risner “had spent years having quiet times, some of them fruitful, many of them just perfunctory.” If a verse jumped out her, that was great, but if not, she says, “It didn’t bother me; I had done my duty . . . But on days when I felt desperate, I didn’t care about duty. I was dedicating time to be with God because I needed it.” The desperation, and the practice of expecting God to illuminate His Word daily, transformed her: here’s how Vaneetha learned to read the Bible through tears.
  5. Are you familiar with the life of Gladys Aylward? “Aylward didn’t set out to become a well-known missionary. She didn’t expect to be a world-changer. She simply set her face on Christ, then toward China. God accomplished the rest.” Jennifer Brogdon shares what Aylward’s life can teach us six things about gospel success. (And if you’re looking for more inspiring stories of incredible women from Christian history, check out the True Woman blog series: 25 Women Who Influenced the World for Christ!)

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