Ruth: The Message of Redemption & Revival Answer Key

An Introduction to the Book of Ruth: Session 1

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  • The story of Ruth is one of the most beautiful ____love_____ stories of all time.  
  • This is also a story about _____sacrificial love___________.  
  • In the book of Ruth, we find women going through various ___seasons_________ of life.  
  • In Ruth we see almost every ____season_________ of ___life____________ that a woman can experience.  
  • Ruth is one of five women listed in the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 1.  
  • To be related to Jesus is not a matter of being a good woman or a religious person, it’s a matter of being a sinner who knows something of the ______grace___________ of God.  
  • Major themes in the Book of Ruth:  
  • The ______sovereignty____________________ of God.
  • The meaning of ______genuine_______________ love.
  • The _____impact___________that one can make.
  • The meaning of _____redemption_______________.
  • The Law of the Kinsman-Redeemer:
  • The kinsman-redeemer had both a ___right________ and a ____responsibility__________ to his impoverished relative.
  • The kinsman-redeemer could buy back land and ____restore_________it to a relative.
  • The kinsman-redeemer could also raise up ____seed/children__________ for his brother, to preserve the family name. 

Running, Rebuke, Repentance: Session 2

  • The setting for the Book of Ruth is in the wicked days when the ______judges________ruled.
  • Famine was unusual in this land. Bethlehem-Judah means “house of ______bread____________ and _____praise___________.”
  • The famine was a result of ____disobedience____________, so the solution was not in _____leaving____________, but in _____staying______________.
  • The moment this family stepped out of God’s will, God began creating _____circumstances_____________ to bring them back home and back to Himself.
  • God used two things to bring Naomi back:  
  • His hand of ______discipline__________________
  • News of _____revival__________ back home
  • Repent means to ____change_____________ my mind, to realize I’ve been going my own way instead of ___God’s____________ way.
  • When Naomi repented, she had to get up and _____leave_____________ Moab.
  • Repentance is the first step in the process of _____restoration_____________________.
  • Our “Moab” is the places, things, and people to which we turn to get our ___needs________ met rather than looking to _____God___________. Moab is the ___substitutes______________ for God in our lives.  

Resolve: Session 3

  • Naomi was looking for ____rest_________________ for herself and her daughters-in-law. This is a recurring theme in the Book of Ruth.
  • Bitterness of spirit produces _____weariness__________________ in our souls.
  • Rest is not a matter of a change in our ____external______________ circumstances, but something God gives within our hearts.
  • The daughters-in-law are faced with a ____choice__________________.
  • They could choose between the pathway of _____convenience___________ and ____comfort_____________ or the pathway of ____commitment_______________ and _____compassion_____________.
  • If you’re willing to sacrifice immediate _____gratification______________ to settle for long-term blessing, you will choose the pathway of commitment and compassion.
  • Ruth made a:
  • conscious, ____deliberate____________ choice. Her choice was a matter of ___leaving_____________ and ___cleaving______________.
  • choice based on ____faith_______________ rather than feelings.
  • a steadfast, ____determined_____________ choice.
  • ___permanent_______________, lifetime choice.
  • ___100_________ percent choice requiring total commitment.
  • ____costly__________ choice.  
  • The foundational choice to follow Christ does not eliminate smaller choices that we must make on a daily basis, but it does ___simplify______________ them. 

Resentment: Session 4

  • The outcome of our lives is not determined by what happens to us, but by how we ____respond______ to what happens to us.
  • How we respond will be determined by our ____view_________ of God.
  • Naomi had a faulty view of God. She did not see that the painful circumstances in her life were an expression of God’s ______love/grace_____________.
  • Naomi responded to her circumstances in resentment and ___bitterness____________, and others became defiled by the overflow.
  • As a step to determine if you are bitter, ask:
  • Is there anyone in my life that I have never fully ____forgiven________________?
  • Is there any person or circumstances in my life for which I have never ___thanked_________ God?
  • Naomi, in the process of ____restoration________________, needed a right view of God.
  • To be set free from bitterness, we need to:
  • Look ___inward_______________.
  • Look ___upward_______________. 

Refuge: Session 5

  • In contrast to Naomi’s spirit of bitterness, we see Ruth’s response to her ____similar_____________ circumstances.
  • In the Old Testament, God’s provision for the poor was that they should _______work___________, and that the wealthy should _____enable______________ the poor to work.
  • Another title for this chapter might be ___grace_________ and ___gratitude_____________.
  • Ruth was diligent and ______industrious_______________. Even menial work, when done through love, can be a ____blessing/privilege____________.
  • From Ruth’s standpoint, she just “happened” to come upon Boaz’s field, but with God there are no _____chance-happenings_____________.
  • Boaz tells Ruth to stay in his field—the “Field of ____Grace___________.”
  • “God will rarely change my circumstances until He has used my circumstances to ___change_________ me.”
  • The “Wings of God” provide:
  • ____safety__________________ (Psalm 17:8-9)
  • ____a place of refreshment___________________ (Psalm 36:7-8)
  • ____stillness_____________ in the midst of the storm (Psalm 57:1)
  • help and ___joy_____________ (Psalm 63:7)
  • ___hope______ in the midst of ___fearful____________ circumstances (Psalm 91:4)
  • Three qualifications of a Kinsman-Redeemer are:
  • The man had to have the ___right______________ to redeem—he had to be related.
  • The man had to have the ___power______________ to redeem—the ability to pay.
  • The man had to be ____willing_____________ to redeem. 

Request: Session 6—Part One

  • Ruth wants nothing for herself; she is seeking an ____heir____________ for her deceased husband. She is fulfilling her ___duty________ to follow the ways of God in restoring her family name and family lands.
  • Ruth’s response gives us a key to successful marriage relationships—not based on personal happiness, but rather on ____commitment___________________, sacrifice, obedience, and ______what pleases God______.
  • Ruth first found refuge under the shadow of God’s wings, and then she was able to find refuge under the garment of a ____kinsman-redeemer________.
  • Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, says to Ruth, “Don’t be ___afraid_____________. I will do for you _____all________ you ask.”
  • Ruth was known in the city as a woman of ____noble______________ character. She is a ___virtuous______________ woman.
  • Women’s virtue should ____inspire__________ men.
  • Virtue is a matter of the _____heart_______, and it affects everything in our lives.
  • Naomi now counsels Ruth to _____wait_________ until Boaz settles the matter.
  • God doesn’t fix every situation _____immediately______________; sometimes we too must ____wait__________. 

Redemption & Restoration: Session 6—Part Two

  • The grace of God always has a _____happy ending_______________________!
  • The city elders pronounced a three-fold blessing to Boaz and Ruth:  
  • A blessing on the _____wife_____________________
  • A blessing on the _____husband_____________________
  • A blessing on their _______offspring__________________
  • The women of the city told Naomi that she would ______always________________ have a “goel” (redeemer) to care for her.

Our Redemption

  • Our condition: _____helpless______________ and ____hopeless___________________
  • Two biblical words that describe our situation:



  • His intervention
  • The transaction: ___transfer_________________ of ____ownership_________________. I become His!

My part—by faith:

Acknowledge my _____need_____________.

Appeal for grace.

Give myself and my situation fully to Him.

His part—the transformation

My _____past_____________________

My _____present___________________

My _____future_____________________


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Scripture: Ruth

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