Building Trust Within Your Group

Members should strive to demonstrate love for their covenant sisters in the following ways:

  • God has given the gift of connecting your heart with this group of women; aim to get to know each one over the course of the year. Look for His incredible wisdom in how and why He knit you together for such a time as this.
  • Be trustworthy to hold in absolute confidence anything shared within the group.
  • Silence your ring tone, and refrain from using cell phones during group meetings.
  • Wear your nametag while everyone gets acquainted with each other.
  • With the Lord’s grace and enabling power, commit to attending each meeting and reading the literature. Ask the Lord to help you overcome obstacles from the enemy that would prevent you from fully participating.
  • In consideration of other group members, make every effort to arrive on time to meetings and to set aside the full time frame. Every group member is positively impacted by the presence of each participant. Interruptions because of tardiness or early departures impact group interactions and can interfere with important dialogue, heart connections, prayer time, and fellowship.
  • Be transparent. Go below the surface with each other. Allow a spirit of grace to permeate the group while holding each other accountable to the plumb line of God’s Word.
  • If married, there will be no criticism of husbands. Specific issues can be addressed privately with your leader.

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