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Becoming God's True Woman

Over the last several decades, women have been encouraged to “have it their way.” I’m so thankful that we are now seeing a deep hunger in the lives of thousands of women to “have it God’s way”—to look to the Word of God for the definition of what it means to be a “true woman.” These women, by God’s grace, seek to live God-centered lives, to trust Him, and to say “Yes, Lord.”

A “true woman” lives a God-centered life.

In a self-centered world, she lives for God’s glory and pleasure, not her own. She understands that life’s not about her—it’s all about Him!

Instead of saying, “What will make me happy?” she asks, “What will please You, Lord? What will further Your Kingdom and display Your glory?” She recognizes her life is not her own, and joyfully lives for the glory of God.

  • She embraces her created purpose: to join every created thing in heaven and earth in worshiping and glorifying Him eternally.
  • She “turns her eyes upon Jesus” in the midst of her problems and sees these challenges in the context of His greatness.
  • She lives a life of repentance, holiness, and service; but above all, she is enthralled with Christ!

A “true woman” trusts God.

  • She doesn’t give in to fear because she knows that God can be trusted. He understands everything about her situation, and His good and loving plan will not be thwarted.
  • She leans on Him and depends on Him in times of joy, pain, hardship, uncertainty, and confusion.
  • She trusts God in circumstances she cannot understand or would not have chosen.
  • She resists the temptation to worry and manipulate, because she has relinquished control to Him.

A “true woman” says “Yes, Lord.”

  • She believes that God’s purposes for creating male and female are good and wise.
  • She considers it a privilege and a delight to serve Him as a woman, and gratefully embraces His design and roles for her life.
  • The Word of God is her compass and motivates her to live intentionally and counter-culturally.
  • She makes personal sacrifices with her time and resources for the Kingdom of God.

© Revive Our Hearts. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Used with permission. 

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