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How are you remembering Advent—Christ’s coming into the world—this Christmas season? Every day during the month of December, join us here to learn a little about the songs of Christmas. Follow along with us as we experience The First Songs of Christmas by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and open the door to wonder.

Anyone out there love getting cards in the mail? Me, too! December is a great time of year for those who love seeing the mail carrier trudge through the snow to our front door. Our mailboxes are often overflowing with cards wishing a “Merry Christmas” (or if you are like me, you might enjoy the more whimsical, a “Meowy Christmas”).

In today’s reading of The First Songs of Christmas, Elizabeth, finding a confidant in the young mother, chooses to focus on Mary instead of herself. While Elizabeth certainly would have had a lot to talk about, she places her priority on someone else. By doing this, Elizabeth mentors and demonstrates love for Mary. She focuses on Christ.

Luke 1:43 shows Elizabeth’s focus on Christ as she proclaims the baby in Mary’s womb to be her Lord: “And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

I love the way Nancy describes the placement of priority on others in our lives:

I can remember my dad saying when I was a girl, “When you’re with other people, ask them questions about themselves.” Not only is this an acknowledgement that people are usually more interested in talking about their own lives than ours, it’s really just a demonstration of love. Love is concerned about the other person first. Love focuses outward.

Handwritten Salutations

While you’re sitting at the dining table addressing Christmas cards, grab one and spend a few moments writing a letter to someone who needs your encouragement and support this season.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider choosing one or two people who could use a handwritten word from you and commit to sending them one note each day during Advent.

Include encouraging Bible verses, and take time to notice things about that person you find inspiring. Encourage them to pursue Christ this season, and consider inviting them to a church service.

Perhaps inviting them over for a meal or other Christmas tradition would be in order. The letters do not have to be long or full of fancy words; rather they should place the priority on the person to whom you are writing.

Want more information about letter writing? Check out this post on the True Woman blog written by Kelly Needham entitled “10 Reasons to Reclaim the Lost Art of Letter Writing.” How can you use the written word to draw others to Jesus Christ during the Christmas season?

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Jessica Drews

Jessica Drews is a pastor's wife and preschool aide. She also serves as the women's ministry director and an elementary Sunday school teacher at the Midwest church her husband pastors. She loves reading a good book on a rainy day with a cup of coffee and her husband and cat by her side.

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