Requests for Nancy's Endorsement

Nancy has placed herself under the leadership of an Advisory Council who reviews her speaking and writing requests and prayerfully determines based on her current commitments whether or not she is able to take on anything else. At this time their counsel has been to limit her to very few endorsements with most of them relating to biblical womanhood or personal and corporate revival. We request that you not send endorsement requests until you have a publisher and a contact in place.

If you have a publisher and contact in place and wish to submit an endorsement request please send the information below:

  • Contact information
  • Publisher contact information
  • A completed manuscript, electronic or print copy acceptable
  • Date of deadline for the endorsement
  • Release date of the book

Send to:

Hannah Kurtz
Revive Our Hearts
P. O. Box 2000
Niles, MI 49120