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The Baptism of Christ

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

Jesus was perfect and didn't need to show any repentance. So why did He need to be baptized? Nancy will explore the baptism of Jesus and show it's importance.

Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (02/27/15)

Lindsay Swartz's Photo Lindsay Swartz —

How to Memorize (Almost) Anything, Mission as a Mom . . . and more!

3 Dating Lessons I Didn’t Learn From Books

Lindsey Wagstaffe's Photo Lindsey Wagstaffe —

Three lessons about love and romance I didn’t learn from books.

Got Love? (Part 2)

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Leader, are you truly loving the people you lead—truly?

Esther's Approach

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

God’s more glorious than any earthly king, but He still wants you to come before Him in prayer.